The Room by ODA: Perfect Modular Cubbyholes

The Room by ODA: Perfect Modular Cubbyholes

Range Govindan
Apr 15, 2009

How about having smaller modular rooms, rooms that can be adjusted to your needs? Adults love lofts and giant spaces. Kids have a tendency to dislike large open space. Most kids enjoy having their own hidden forts and stuff like that. That's what the Room by ODA really made me think of. When I was younger, I liked having a small, personal space, where I could be well hidden from everyone. The Room is really impressive. It's a sort of unit that can be used in a variety of situations. It can be used to create living space where there isn't any. It's a bunch of modular rooms which can be customized to your every whim.

The Room was designed by ODA and it is a modular dwelling system. It's intended use is to be retrofitted into existing spaces, making them great to divide up larger rooms. The Room consists of three elements: the Pod, the Media Station and the Satellite. It's made affordable by the use of simple materials and construction methods, which can be tailored to your budget. The general appearance can also be changed and adjusted, to fit with people of all ages.

Initially, the Room was designed as a custom project for a client who wanted a room in a gigantic loft. That makes a lot of sense, because a room is a lot more intimate. A loft is great when you are just two people, but with more people using that space, it's easy to become overcrowded. I think that it's a great idea. It kind of reminds me of the Office Pod we featured a while ago. Only these Rooms are actually being built right now. [via MoCo Loco]

The Office Pod

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