The Secret Super Cleaning Powers of the Mighty Cucumber

updated May 8, 2019
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In our never-ending quest for the best natural cleaning methods, we’ve often turned to the kitchen. (Check out previous posts on the cleaning power of citrus, coffee grounds, olive oil, and of course, vinegar and baking soda.) Now we turn to the cucumber, another food item with benefits beyond nutrition. Read on to find out how cucumbers can help you clean up your home.

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First, a cucumber slice is great at removing tarnish from stainless steel. Use it to shine up your faucets and sinks. It won’t leave streaks. I tried my bathtub faucet, and it worked well. Just rinse away any seeds.

If you have a toddler with a penchant for decorating your walls with crayon, or if you accidentally get a pen mark somewhere it shouldn’t be, the outside of the cucumber can actually act as an eraser. I have no idea how this works, scientifically speaking, but it does. I drew a picture in red crayon on my bath wall to test this, and it’s gone now, thanks to a cucumber.

Another surprising use for a cucumber slice: use it to prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up. Just rub it on the mirror, and it will repel the steam.

There are several other non-cleaning benefits for cucumbers, from the classic eye-puffiness cure to a fix for squeaky hinges. Cucumber slices can even be used for a quick shoe-shine. Has anyone else used cucumbers in an unusual way?