The Secrets To Successful Garage Sales

The Secrets To Successful Garage Sales

Allison Verdoorn
Aug 24, 2011

This weekend I went to an awesome garage sale. I'm not a big garage saler but this one knew all of the secrets: they drew me in with street signs when I wasn't planning on it, they had the stuff they promised, they bargained enough that I wanted to go over my budget to get more of their deals, and their stuff was good enough that I was totally pleased when I got home and looked over my loot. Find out what they did right and share your secrets after the jump.

The garage sale sucked me in on a drive to the famers market with a sign that said "Retro," "Danish," and "Mid Century." So, the first thing they did right was have a theme. They only sold things that fit within that theme which made everything at the sale something that someone who was attracted by the theme was interested in.

The sale was also a group sale. By pooling all of the great items that 5 neighbors have there is more merchandise for the theme. With a large group a theme sale is much more feasible.

Finally, they knew the value of their items and only had high quality stuff. They didn't have a free box or a junk table. Instead, everything they had was in decent condition and was priced fairly and correctly.

The garage sale this weekend, because they did it right, was the best one I've ever been to.

What are your garage sale secrets?

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