Blogging Huffington Post: The Secret World of Bandwidth

Blogging Huffington Post: The Secret World of Bandwidth

Nov 7, 2007

We expect it to be there. Our lifeline to the world, we trust that our internet provider is doing its best to keep us connected and getting our data to and fro, as best it can. But, with the recent revelation that Comcast has indeed slowed down users' internet connections who they deemed to be using too heavily, ethics have been questioned. The Huffington Post takes a peek into this secret life of bandwidth.

Why does this matter? Well, the revelation that the techniques used to slow down our broadband are the very same ones that China uses to censor the internet made us shutter. Casting aside the thoughts of Big Brother, we fear the internet providers may stifle our ability to embrace and enjoy technological innovations. How can we depend on the internet for our media, when our providers are deciding what data we're allowed to send and receive?

Where do you stand? If you're interested in reading more, Huffington Post also looks deeper into video's role in this problem, as well as Net Neutrality's reaction.

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