The Shadow Clock: Designed for Minimalism

The Shadow Clock: Designed for Minimalism

Range Govindan
Dec 2, 2008

As gadgets evolve, our need for a traditional wrist clock or wall clock diminish. For example, we don't have one in our apartment. Then again, we've never seen a clock like this one before. Cell phones, HDTVs, computers, microwaves and other appliances all have clocks integrated into them. Why do we need wall clocks? We need them because they showcase time for all to see, they can be the centerpiece of a room, just like a great lighting fixture or a piece of art.

When straight out efficiency isn't on your mind when selecting your next wall clock, design and minimalism should be. This shadow casting clock was designed by Korean Wootek Lim. He's named it the Definition of Time. It showcases a timepiece that makes telling time not as easy as a digital clock, but demonstrates the sculptural beauty of clocks. Since we no longer need a wall clock to tell time, as we did in the past when gadgets didn't exist and wristwatches were too bulky, it's becomes necessary to find a new definition for time, which is the reason why Lim chose this name.

We think that this clock really looks great. Since its design uses shadows, it can fit easily on most walls, even in smaller spaces. There is no real clock face, which is an interesting part of the design. Initially upon hearing about this design, we wondered if this would be some kind of a sun dial clock, a clock that's read by reading the shadow that it casts upon a clock face, but in reality, it's just a different design. [via Yanko Design]

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