The Sharpie Pen: Tested, Tried and Treasured

Around my household pens are taken very seriously and although there’s no bells or whistles on it, we’re still considering it a strong player in the office world. Even though Taryn featured the silver Sharpie Marker earlier today we’d like to raise our hand and say, “This is the greatest Sharpie ever created!”

Sharpie markers have been part of our household for a long while; we use them everyday to label DVDs, file folders and occasionally scratch down a quick grocery list on our hand (because apparently we’re still 16). We’ve used all sizes, shapes, colors, line weights…you name it, we’ve owned it, tried it and often use them until they go dry.

When the buzz about Sharpie pens began a few months ago (we’re still waiting for the pencil-turns-to-ink model to come out), we had to track one down. After finding one at our local Target, we’ve been giving it the run through. It’s been used to write checks, draw in sketch books, used to make to-do list and more.

There’s no cap to lose, the ink doesn’t pull or bleed even a little (although your brain will still want there to be), and has kept on keeping on. Being a left hander, we’ve always had trouble with pens, especially markers, and have learned to be extra carefu. But with this Sharpie Pen, we’ve been able to drag the hand across it immediately after putting ink down. It even still writes on plastic!

So if you’re a Sharpie fan or in need of a slick writing tool, give the Sharpie Pen a try. It’s been great in our home office and household and will be for you too! Have you given one a test drive yet? Let us know below!

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