The Shower Caddy That Doubled My Storage in No Time

published Apr 26, 2019
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Let me just note that the shower in my apartment’s upstairs bathroom is absolutely tiny. As in, it kind of evokes the whole “ooh, this is just like camping” feel on a daily basis, which, needless to say, gets old real fast.

While I’ve been able to adjust and make the most of a tiny bathroom space, the biggest issue is that unlike most showers that I’ve had in prior living spaces, this one doesn’t have a little ledge on which I can store a whole variety of shampoo bottles, gels, and shaving cream. Rather, there are two small shelves that each hold one bottle and not much else—and because the actual shower space is so small, bottles will often fall down and roll around while someone is in there washing up. Let’s just say that I’ve had to ask many a houseguest, “Are you OK?!” after hearing rumbling from the other room!

I’m embarrassed to say that it took me over a year of using this bathroom to realize that the solution to maximize product store was quite simple (and quite obvious)—I just needed to find the perfect shower caddy. No, I’m not talking about those gigantic plastic things that many of us carried to and from the communal bathroom in college, but instead I wanted to purchase a hanging option.

Because I’m fairly impatient when it comes to decorating and organizing, I opted to solely browse for products with quick shipping and decided to go with this $14 solution. I was a little ambivalent before I placed the order, as my showerhead has kind of a strange shape, but this fits on it perfectly. I’ve only had the caddy for a few weeks, but it’s made all the difference—I still keep some bottles on the built-in shower ledges, but now I have room for extra shower gel, backup shampoo, and my fancy soaps while my scalp brush (another Amazon gem!) hangs from the bottom.

I love that everything I could need is easily accessible and can be stored in the shower (a girl’s gotta have options at her disposal to make a daily routine feel, well, a little less routine).