The Sill Just Released a Collection of Flowering Houseplants You Can Keep Alive

published Mar 23, 2020
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Credit: The Sill

Spring is here, and flowers are blooming — not just outdoors, but also in your home, if you’re lucky enough to be parent to flowering houseplants. And if you aren’t yet, you can change that and bring some cheerful life into your space. Online plant shop The Sill just launched a collection of blooming plants, including orchids and anthuriums, which can thrive indoors for years with proper care.

Orchids may seem like an intimidating plant to care for, but The Sill promises that the ones it sells — Phalaenopsis orchids, otherwise known as moth orchids or beginner orchids — are among the easiest to keep alive. 

Credit: The Sill

“Indoors, it will typically bloom about once a year, for up to three months,” says the Phalaenopsis description on the site. “After a blooming cycle, the flowers will wilt and fall off. This is the Orchid’s way to store up energy to re-bloom again next season.”

Unlike orchids, anthuriums are almost always in bloom. That’s because their “blooms” are actually not flowers at all but colorful modified leaves.

Credit: The Sill

And if you’re not yet comfortable branching out of succulents, The Sill’s new collection includes the Echeveria preta, a flower-shaped succulent.

Like the rest of The Sill’s plants, the blooming plants in the spring collection all come in your choice of sleek clay pot, ranging from 4” to 5” in diameter. They range in price from $55 to $95. You can view the whole collection here.