The Simple Secret to Cultivating Creative Thinking

The Simple Secret to Cultivating Creative Thinking

Jennifer Hunter
Oct 13, 2014
(Image credit: Victoria Vu)

How many good ideas have you had today? Probably more than you think. There's something creative people instinctively do that helps them develop and utilize their flashes of genius. What do they know that you don't?

When they have an idea, they don't throw it away, they give it a proper chance.

Creative people have learned to recognize a crumb of an idea when it pops up, they don't automatically dismiss it because it's not fleshed out. They give their foggy, half-baked wisps the proper time and space to develop into fully formed concepts before passing judgement. It's a matter of positivity. When given a chance, even small or murky ideas can bloom into much more.

So why are most people so quick to dismiss their initial (often from the gut) ideas? Maybe they believe that inspiration takes work so ideas that come too easily just aren't good enough. Insecurity may convince them that their ideas aren't up to par before they've given them a chance.

The good news is that you can strengthen this skill. When you teach yourself to silence your inner judge and trust your own creativity, you open up the possibility for more and better ideas to flourish.

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