Here’s What 6 Houses from “The Sims” Would Look Like in Real Life

published May 17, 2020
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Credit: Angie's List

This year marks The Sims’ 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades, the video game series has not only let generations of people play out their own soap operas and fan fiction with human Tamagotchi, but it’s also piqued players’ interests in gardening, interior design, and architecture. In honor of The Sims’ birthday, Angie’s List created renderings of what six houses from the games might look like in real life.

Take a look at the houses below:

5 Sim Lane – The Goth Family Home

The Addams Family-inspired home still looks appropriately somber, though the on-site cemetery is now hidden from street view. The small one-story part of the two-story home is especially cute.

215 Sim Lane – The Pleasant Family Home

The Tudor-style house looks cozy with taller trees in back and a porch swing in front. A bike propped against the fence gives a nod to the Pleasant kids, showing that they’re still here and ready to go on a neighborhood adventure.

Sultry Springside – The Caliente Household

This beautiful Mediterranean-style mansion has tiled outdoor spaces both downstairs and upstairs, and a palm-lined pool behind it.

Affluista Mansion – The Landgraab Family Home

This ostentatious house, for the appropriately named Landgraab family, is surrounded by tall fences and desert.

101 Road To Nowhere – The Smith Family Home

In this cute yellow house, alien Pollination Tech#9 Smith lives with his human wife and mixed-species children. A charcoal grill and young tree in front give a glimpse into the Smiths’ suburban dream.

150 Main Street – Don Lothario’s Home

A piano on a patio is a scarier and more expensive gamble in the real world than it is in The Sims, but this house does look like a fun place for a party.