The Single Person’s Guide to Actually Enjoying Valentine’s Day

The Single Person’s Guide to Actually Enjoying Valentine’s Day

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 12, 2016

Whether you're recently uncoupled or a veteran of the single life (like yours truly), even if you totally think Valentine's Day is dumb, it can still kind of suck a little bit each year when everywhere you turn you see cupid cutouts, pink hearts and cute couples. There are four solid celebration styles to choose from that can make Valentine's Day fun no matter your couple status.

Fully commit to celebrating your love for yourself

Don't have someone to love but are totally in love with yourself? Why not take this opportunity to really seal the deal with the person who's always with you? (You!). Dive into the world of Valentine's Day traditions whole hog with intention of showering yourself with as many earthly delights as you want. Decorate your apartment! Sprinkle rose petals on top of your bed! Plan your own breakfast menu of heart-shaped treats! Write a list of all the things you love about you and tie it up with a big red bow. Gift yourself (and your home) with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I highly encourage funny, themed photo shoots with yourself (including pets encouraged) to show the world just how awesome you know you are.

(On a budget? The best thing about being single on Valentine's Day is not having to contend with anyone else's expectations of the day, so feel free to celebrate Valentine's Day for yourself after the actual holiday and rack up on all the sales.)

Have all the feels

If you just always feel bummed out on Valentine's Day when you're single because you're a hopeless romantic at heart, don't necessarily feel like you've got to fight it. In a weird way, eating out of tubs of ice cream and watching your favorite sappy romantic movies in your old pajamas can actually be kind of fun. I still recommend you mix in some love-yourself ideas like above, though.

(Image credit: Ann K. Hubbard)

Celebrate your friends instead

Pay tribute to your friends —the ones who never let you down and are always there for you through heartbreaks, career changes and more. You can throw a party that celebrates friend love and strengthens friendships that may or may not have endured plenty of failed romantic relationships.

When all else fails: Completely ignore it

Yep! Absolutely no rules or laws exist that say you have to give even one ounce of effort noticing or celebrating Valentine's Day. Go into the woods and commune with nature instead! Or just go about your life as if it were any other day.

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