The Single, Simple-but-never-gets-Done Fix

The Single, Simple-but-never-gets-Done Fix

Janel Laban
Mar 29, 2007

Everybody's got one. Here's ours: We have a goofy, over-the-door set of hooks to hold our wet towels. Why? Why not just install nice, sturdy hooks on the back of the door? We can't stand the way these make the door stick just a little bit (enough to be annoying) when we use it.

We also don't like the way it bangs around, especially when empty. It's just a bad design for the spot and the job. It would be easy to install permanent hooks and would even be fun to shop for the new ones. It would be a project that wouldn't take up much in resources (money or time) but would make a big difference.

But we've been living with it (and being bugged by it) for so long that we just haven't really looked at it in YEARS. Thinking about bathroom month made us examine our own space and we have decided to make this small fix a priority.

Do you have a project like this too? (Of course you do!) Here's the plan...

Do a mental inventory of what you might want to change out - like: ugly lightswitch covers, funky interior doorknobs, an unattractive lampshade, a worn out tea kettle, old sheets, a scuffed up wall that needs the magic eraser, something thats squeaking, anything that's broken etc...

Once you've got one (and it only needs to be one), fix it! ASAP! It will be worth it, we promise.

And, of course, feel free tell us your single, simple, but never gets done item in the comments below.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some towel hook shopping to do....

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