The Skype Certified Phone: Perfect If You Hate Headsets

The Skype Certified Phone: Perfect If You Hate Headsets

Range Govindan
Apr 8, 2009

Skype and VOIP type communication methods are rapidly becoming the dominant way to talk with others. It's a perfect way to use the internet to cut costs drastically on your long distance plan, if you still have one. With these types of phones, and others, you are able to get a number and have it function like a landline. That's really good if you aren't fond of the headsets that most Skype users have.

This phone was created by IPEVO and it's been certified by Skype. It's been designed for the people who love Skyping, but hate the headsets. It also looks pretty professional and could even make people who have trouble with Skype use it everyday. This phone functions like any standard desk phone. Amazingly, this phone doesn't even need to be hooked up to your computer to use Skype. It can do it by itself, just like any other VOIP handset. Also, it is completely wireless. Now that is pretty cool. You can just take it around the house and use it. It still needs power though, so you are still corded to a power outlet, but that's OK.

It's got a 2.4-inch display and a bunch of Skype features, just like the Skype client you use on you computer. It's available for $170. Personally, I think it's pretty cool. The only problem is the price. I find it a bit expensive, especially when other VOIP phones are cheaper. Even though it's Wi-Fi, you still have to provide it with power, so in the end, you are still tethered to a wall. [via Crunchgear]

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