8 Daily Tasks To Help You Maintain & Clean Your Home

8 Daily Tasks To Help You Maintain & Clean Your Home

MaryAnne Petrella
Aug 12, 2011

Preventative measures can feel like more work upfront, but in the end this active approach to keeping house means tasks are easier to tackle, resulting in more downtime overall. Here are some friendly reminders (imagine your grandmother's firm but loving voice) on how to "save nine" when it comes to cleaning your home.

1. Clean as you go: When you are cooking or involved in a project, tidying as you go, washing prep bowls, pots and pans will make for an easy aftermath.

2. Fold clothes after wearing: Most of the time you can get away with re-wearing clothing without washing. Spot cleaning is usually more than enough, and so long as you neatly fold you clothes, or in the least drape them over a chair, you will prevent the otherwise inevitable lint collection/crumpling that tossing them on the floor invites.

3. Wipe spills immediately: Letting spills linger means more elbow grease is required to clean them up, which means more time devoted to that sticky situation than if you took action right away.

4. Take out the garbage... now! The fuller the receptacle, the less likely it is that things will stay put inside of it. If you are sick of cleaning coffee grinds off the cupboard floor or find yourself trying to haphazardly empty one bag into another without it spilling, it is time to rethink your frequency.

5. Sweep daily: This takes no time and leads to the enjoyment of grit free floors. If you don't already, see about taking outdoor shoes off at the door to prevent tracking in dirt and dust.

6. Spray down the tub/shower: After every use take a quick moment to spray any soap off the sides of the unit and rinse hairs down the drain.

7. Rinse the coffee pot: Maybe those CLR commercials impressed you, but avoid the experimentation altogether by quickly rinsing the coffee pot after you are through with the brew. Use the water afterwards in the garden or to give your houseplants a drink.

8. Clean out the fridge on garbage day: Never forget to check the refrigerator for going-gross items before you seal up the garbage bag. Compost what you can and get rid of the rest.

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