The Smart Table

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
How many times have you sat down for a nice meal and then realized you forgot a cold frosty one to wash things down? Apparently the folks at appliance company,
Gorenje, ran into the problem enough to design and offer
The Smart Table, a dining table with a built-in refrigerator unit that emerges from the table’s middle for instant cold beverage relief.

The Smart Table is an innovative bespoke furniture-appliance made with customer-specified materials, including stone, glass or wood likely priced for a very few. But we’re big proponents of appliances that both bridge function, technology and aesthetics, and also blend or hide into our home decor. Hopefully the Smart Table is a sign of things to come in the category of home appliances, though I’m expecting to wait a few years since the domestic market is always a bit behind in design innovation compared to the european and asian markets. For now, I’ll just have to make that long trek from the couch to the fridge [world’s smallest violin playing].