The Sonno Mattress in the Test Lab

published Jun 26, 2006
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Product: The Sonno Mattress
Designer: Unknown
Price: from $1,098

Rating: Strong Recommend*

We made the leap! After thinking about it for a few years, we bought a DWR Sonno memory foam mattress two months ago and have been testing it every night. The verdict? After a funky, stinky, off gassing beginning, we couldn’t be happier.

It just sucks you in when it is time to sleep, and you can feel all of your muscles relaxing the second you lie down. For memory foam, DWR’s option has a good price (especially at sale times), has a nice fabric cover and is not overly spongy like Tempur-Pedic.

The first thing you will notice is that walking across the bed is totally different as you sink in and don’t bounce across the surface. The second thing you will notice is that sitting up in bed to read is a lot easier.

After a lot of research, we went for the firm, and we’re glad we did. The firm is plenty soft. We also went for the cheaper Prima, which has the same firmness on both sides (the Versa allows you to mix up the firmness on either side). BWT DWR’s 30 day guarantee makes it easy to decide, as they will allow you to return the mattress or trade it for another style if you don’t like what you’ve got.

Regular Mattress compared to Memory Foam? It’s still a tie. The Sonno is comfier when going to bed and less so in the morning, whereas our regular mattress was comfier in the mornings. We have had no problems with foam being too warm. They are simply different (PS. sex is good on both too).

Problems? We do find that when we sleep late we are a little sore from the give of the memory foam. It gives much more than a regular firm mattress. Also the off-gassing that lasted about five days was a bummer. And despite the prices coming down, you will spend more on this mattress than on a good regular mattress.

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