The Sony Walkman and Other Almost-Dead Tech

The Sony Walkman and Other Almost-Dead Tech

Taryn Williford
Oct 25, 2010

After selling more than 200 million cassette Walkmans worldwide, Sony has decided that April's shipment of the portable music player will be its last. It's not really a shocker. Popular tech always falls privy to fad culture. In fact, we have a few ideas for what's next on its way into the gadget grave.

Apparently, folks in Asia and the Middle East are still loving those cassette-tape jams. We had no idea that Sony was actually still manufacturing their cassette-playing Walkman anymore.

It's a fall from grace from what used to be at the top of the gadget game. So what might be next down the grave? We have a few ideas. Read our list, then chime in with your own ideas in the comments!

Portable Music Players
The Walkman died because of the Discman, then the iPod. But we think they're all out, thanks to smartphones and other devices (like the iPod touch) that add app and web functionality to portable music players.

With email, texting and threads of Facebook comments that read like conversations, it's clear that instant conversations are happening almost everywhere on the web—except for inside instant messaging clients. We think that AOL Instant Messenger is next in going the way of the dinosaur.

Point-and-Shoot Cameras and Consumer Video Cameras
Professional still and video cameras will never go out of fashion. But as the specs on cell phones start to compete with the latest point-and-shoot, casual snappers everywhere will drop their cameras for good.

DVDs and BluRay
Both? Yeah, both. While most people argue about whether or not BluRay will really take off ahead of DVDs, we think that they'll both see their demise at the hands of download-able and instant streaming movies, like both iTunes and Netflix already offer.

(Images: Flickr user Ham Hock under license from Creative Commons, Flickr user Rosa Pomar under license from Creative Commons)

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