The Spring Cure: Week 8 - Throwing a Party

The Spring Cure: Week 8 - Throwing a Party

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 25, 2007

Quote of the Day: "I'm amazed at the difference in the energy of the apartment that rearranging the furniture makes!"

You know, that's about all I feel I've been able to really do (and finish!) so far during this Cure - rearrange my apartment. And I too am AMAZED at the permanent improvement it has made. - Sea

This week is all about getting ready. I didn't plan too many specific things for the final week so that those finishing up could take advantage of a little extra time. The main thing is to close up your project (as much as you can), clean up and get yourself ready for guests of some sort.

Of course, preparing for guests can be a big job. Anytime we have guests over we always end up turning the house upside down and doing things that we'd not done in awhile or meant to do and hadn't gotten around to yet. All our small improvements happen this way...

Of course, you've already been working for a number of weeks, so the real challenge here is more in the stopping than starting.

Reading all your comments, I know that a number of you are working on BIG projects that won't stop this week. What I recommend to all of you, however, is that you clean up as best you can so that this week - if nothing else - is a breather. Inviting some friends over - keep it casual! - is still a good idea, and you may find yourself surprised at how interested and impressed your friends will be, even if you're not entirely done. Remember, most people don't spend this much time on their home!

See you Saturday. Maxwell

Another Quote of the Day:

"I don't know why I needed to "cure" with others to get this done-but it worked!"

Part of the magic, I think, is that once you find yourself talking with other people about their Cure efforts and you hear yourself contributing to solving their problems, it seems much easier to solve your own. - wende in phoenix

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