The Spring Cure: Week Two

The Spring Cure: Week Two

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 14, 2007

StaciaD in N. Cali has been building a really nice style tray, which features this bedroom. Where's it from StaciaD? It looks so familiar...

It's a new week, and a fresh start. Your getting warmed up, but be careful not to bite off too much (see Oteach1's great comment below the jump). Our goal is to focus and be successful. First things first, second things next time!

This Week's Assignment: Last week you got inspired, this week you go to work. In the Deep Treatment you are going to focus on the kitchen. You will declutter and clean your kitchen from the top down and then cook a meal you actually like! There are other smaller tasks as well, such as filtering your tap water and planning a housewarming, but the kitchen is your target...

In the One Room Workout, you will probably be focusing on another room in your home. At this point, your task is to arrange the room on paper to best meet your needs. Additionally, it is time to take your inspiration and crystallize it into your vision for the project. Remember, once you have a clear port to sail towards, the trip becomes much easier.

Angorian has rearranged her living room three times already!

Good Quotes:

From Oteach1 in the last thread:

I had 2 "therapy" moments, and now I understand the reason behind title. The first is that I am going to break my usual habit of "all or nothing". I am tempted to start all of these HUGE projects today...cause as I did the floors and moved around every inch of the apartment, things kept popping up. I forced myself to focus, and I realized that I can only do so much at once. My son will be home soon, I have plans later, etc. SO I just put all the things I noticed on my list rather than attempt to do too much then finish nothing.

The second "therapy" moment runs a bit deeper. Each time I need to do a little repair or replace something, I get caught in the indecision web where nothing seems quite right, or good enough, and then so much time goes by deciding that I end up doing nothing. I sort of finally just admitted to myself where that comes from (without naming names, let's just say I grew up in home with unfinished business and unfinished projects everywhere).

I am resolving to trust my instincts and break this cycle. Especially with buying the little things, like a new bedroom trash can, or a new toilet brush system. Hee, hee. How hard can those things be?

On that note, I am done with todays cleaning, it is time to catch some sunshine and pick out some flowers for the week. How much light does an orchid need?


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