The Spring Cure: Week Three - Weekend

The Spring Cure: Week Three - Weekend

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 24, 2007

Kendra just scored these beautiful chairs at an antique show!

Quote of the week: Lady J

Btw Thursday and Sunday I reclaimed $84.48 by returning a curtain, three pillowcases, one throw pillow and price exchanging a lamp that had gone on sale. And there are a couple more things to go.

This is a remarkable group. As I read through the thread, looking for questions, every one was already answered. I hope that what I've added below is helpful.

Remember, it is the power of the group that will give you a bit more strength and a place to turn as you go through what is really a life changing exercise (even if its on a small scale). Your home has a great deal of energy in it (good and bad) that you are unlocking by working on it, and this will affect you. Keep up the good work, choose your battles, and don't worry if you get a bit behind. There is time in the later weeks to catch up. Keep it all flowing. Here's a survey for you and then there's more below the jump.

Julie (in N. CA) is getting help with this beige box!

• elizabeth in AL: How do I make a difference with very little money? Andrea (AMK) answered this one well, but I would add that to shift the energy in your home, the last thing you need is money. The first thing you need is elbow grease! It is the internal/external activity that makes the biggest change and buying things is really secondary (and sometimes a cop-out). Did you ever see Bagdad Cafe? That's what thats about. Take on the Deep Treatment and declutter, organized and clean.

• Sea: On gas valves for stoves. These are EASY to fix and the plumber can do it. True, you might have to have him turn off the gas in the building if it is behind the valve, but this is not a hardship during the daytime and can be done quickly. We've done this a bunch of times, and it is absolutely worth it to get your stove back in place. CQ in DC's suggestion is also appropriate.

• Emily: On warm/cool with orange and green. My warm/cool direction is a general one as I find it helps to organize color like this in your head. That said, if you have a pattern that's really working for you, stick with it. Also, green has yellow in it and therefore can be partially warm (if the yellow is pronounced), so technically these may not be clashing at all. They are probably pulling your kitchen "warm".

Lorrie: Welcome to Lorrie of Love You Deer...

: On the problem of having two styles you really like but which conflict? The only thing you DON'T want to do is try both in the same room. You can switch styles by room if you like, though I generally find that it is best to go with one and save the other for another day, house, person....

This Week's Assignment:

We are getting into the mosh pit of your home! In the Deep Treatment you are going think about COLOR and focus on the hallway, an area that is too easily overlooked and extremely important for the health of your home. Building a Landing Strip will help you filter the outside word, keeping your home calm and cutting down on your junk mail will give you back years of life. Enjoy putting together an invitation for week 8's gathering! Share a pic of yours (continued below the jump).

The One Room Workout you are going to deepen your research online, get COLOR and begin to call in help. When looking for resources online, don't forget that was originally designed to provide listings to stores, services and products in it's GUIDE (the three buttons just to the right here). If you are having trouble finding something, send in the question to your nearest AT site.

jessica (aka twergi) has already done a nice job revamping her living room and home office.

Info:The Cure posts will go up twice a week, allowing for plenty of comment space. We will be pulling comments and pics to the front page post each week and everyone is urged to take pics and post them to this great Flickr pool or simply tag them with "apartmenttherapycure." See our old pics here too.

(The last post is here - all Worksheets are here - The Book Blog is here)
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