The Spring Cure: Week Four - Weekend

The Spring Cure: Week Four - Weekend

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 31, 2007

Zooza is going nuts on her kitchen. We just had to show off this Deep Treatment. She's already removed the floor tiles, cupboards and is chipping out the bad plaster.

Quote of the weekend: & HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Anne (in Reno)!!

"One thing that we did in the last Cure that seemed to be a really good motivator - before you post that Still To Do list on here, make a list of all the stuff you HAVE done. Even the little stuff. Like organizing your silverware drawer. Or whatever. There is a lot of little stuff getting done here that we would not normally be doing and it is all good! Don't forget how hard you are working!"

You are at the end of Week Four. Many of you have come upon this good idea that Anne mentions above. It DOES make a difference psychologically, and I will add it to the next book.

What was really interesting this week was the discussion about trying to Cure or otherwise improve your life or home when your partner may not be into it. It reminded us of a really funny article in the NYTimes this week about men who have eccentric decor tastes that didn't go over well with their partners. But when you're already living with someone who is still in "slob" mode can be really tough. How bad is it we wonder?

(pic: with photoshopping by Maxwell)

Questions & Some Answers:

Sea: Good for you for cooking more. Don't feel guilty about "cooking" prepared foods, either. The point here is to use your kitchen and if you start with prepared foods, that's great. Cooking will come. As for the warm/cool rule, it is a general rule that helps prevent clashing and awkward combinations. Looking at the color wheel above should help. Stay on one side of it. Don't mix blue with red in one room unless it's the fourth of July.

Poet Helena: Don't beat yourself up about things you haven't done. Keep moving. The Cure is about activity, flow and motion and the suggested activities are there to activate you, not bog you down. If you've ever taken a standardized test where you fill in the bubbles, you'll remember that you do fare better if you lay down your pencil when you run out of time and dive into the next section. You can always go back in the end. Of course, a home is a bit different, but since I see a bunch of folks getting stuck here, I think a push is necessary. Keep your eye on the prize.

CQ in DC: Has some lovely pics of her bookshelves arranged by color! As for battery operated closet light suggestions, we've tried a bunch and never been totally pleased. Our advice would be to screw a simple pull chain fixture into the closet above the door and run the wire discreetly out the door, along the molding to a plug.

Libbyiscool: Has pics up and shows off her first apartment all to herself!

Abby's cooking! And having a little wine always makes it more fun...

This Week's Assignment:

In the Deep Treatment we tackle the Living Room. For some of you this may be a big deal, for others it may not be as much trouble. Either way, this is probably the time to tackle your BOOKS. These are a very pesky element that can be very hard to edit. Your are also cooking at home 3x this week. If you would like encouragement or recipes, head over to The Kitchen, where daily support and inspiration is provided.

The One Room Workout gets to tackling shopping and considering Carb and Protein furniture if you haven't already. I urge you to buy quality when you shop. In addition, if you are entering prices into a shopping list/spreadsheet, don't forget that we have these available here for you to use.

Info:The Cure posts will go up twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays (or sometimes Friday or Saturday), allowing for plenty of comment space. We will be pulling comments and pics to the front page post each week and everyone is urged to take pics and post them to this great Flickr pool or simply tag them with "apartmenttherapycure." See our old pics here too.

(The last post is here - all Worksheets are here - The Book Blog is here)
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