The Spring Cure: Clearing The Path

The Spring Cure: Clearing The Path

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 22, 2010

Me on the bathroom floor scrubbing yesterday. I left it spotless, only to have Ursula throw up on it hours later.

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This weekend was the most beautiful weekend New York has seen in months. Warm and sunny on the first day of spring, I got to throw open the windows and do a full day of cleaning on Sunday as I cracked the ice on the new Cure. As I said last week, this Cure for me is about decluttering, but first I needed to clean. More on this below, but first a little quiz to see who we've got out there this season:


If you checked "Warm" you may find it hard to let go of things and feel an strong sense of attachment to both objects and people. This is your strength and your weakness. You are a feeling person and as much as you may love all your stuff and feel that the very "character" of your home is made up of it, you will overlook the degree to which it may be bringing you down, burdening you with weight (both real and psychic) and otherwise getting in the way of THINGS YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. That's the important thing - doing those things you want to do.

Your goal? Attach yourself to the dreams, plans and people that really matter by letting go of the old stuff.


If you checked "Cool" you may think that you don't have big problems with stuff or that you are smarter than all the others who checked "Warm" at this point. Best not to be too smug, for your coolness is YOUR strength and your weakness. You are a thinking person, and as much as you are NOT too attached to your stuff, your home may need a little bit of heat, a little TLC and your attention to make it the comfortable place you desire.

If you're cool, you may need a little help moving IN, finishing up and keeping your space clean and cozy, as opposed to dusty and uncomfortable. You may not cook very often and your fridge may be empty.

Your goal? Remember your dream for your home, think of this as a totally doable new puzzle that you are going to figure out and don't underestimate how big a deal it's going to be when you transform your home. And the first step is rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty - you will be surprised how much fun it is.

Not Sure?

Don't worry about it right now, but I guarantee you you'll know by the end of these eight weeks. :-)


After resanding the butcher block I wax/oiled this table and all the other butcher blocks in the kitchen with beesoil.

I find cleaning extremely cathartic and much easier in our relatively small apartment, than when we're staying out in the country at my family's house. If you swing a vacuum, you can pretty much hit everything.

Aside from being outside in the great weather, I wanted to just use last week to get my hands dirty and get the easy cleaning done. Next I'll move on to the decluttering and then finish with some color upgrades - probably in the living room.

Here are my highlights.

Sara emptied the fridge of all the old food we'd been sitting on for a few weeks. Here are the containers, bound for the dishwasher.

Out went extra garbage from the old food we threw away, in addition to taking out the recycling, which had clogged the hallway since February.

I went around the house and wiped down all the windowsills and the tops of all the artwork. I was shocked how much white dust each one had sitting on it. Take a look!

In addition to all this cleaning, I watered all the plants and put them outside on the fire escape for the first time since last fall. Then wiped down a number of doors that had bad hand marks on them and vacuumed 1/2 of our apartment. This week I finish the cleaning and start to rip out the closet clutter, one at a time.

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