The Spring Cure: Clearing The Path

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• Assignment: Read Week 2: Clearing the Path
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The second week of the Spring Cure is where we roll up our sleeves and really get down to business. Even though week one was packed full of action, week 2 is where your true Cure colors start shining through. Make sure to check in on Maxwell’s Into post if you missed it, it’s packed with pictures of his own space and the cleaning he’s been doing — on his hands and knees no less! How have all of you been doing? Let’s take a look after the jump!

This week’s Spring Cure Flickr pictures have been rolling in with great success! Thank you so much to all of you who have taken the time to document things along the way. Reader participation is really what makes The Cure an adventure as opposed to a chore and having the support of others along the way is priceless. Check out the photos above and some of the concerns you all are having with your spaces below, see if you can lend some friendly advice!

First Row, Left To Right
AKAwhiteknuckles: is having some issue with placement of furniture and lighting that only visits the space for a few fleeting hours a day. How would you arrange things to make the most of the space and daytime sun?
JoliSmash: has added a few extra under the sink storage bins to keep things in check. Cleaning is so much easier when you’re not searching around the house trying to find which bathroom sink your cleaner is under!
SparklerRawk: is going rich and bold with this pretty purple hue. We can’t wait to see before and after shots of the dramatic transformation that’s about to take place!
twigandleafbotanicals: has the same problem many of us do, being uncomfortable with empty space. Instead we fill little nooks with books and other assorted items, but the real question is do we really need the items in question or the piece of furniture? Do you have a space like this in your own home?
stubborndev: has a craft room and office that is overrun with things that don’t have a home elsewhere and don’t belong to other family members, once the Cure is over, hopefully they’ll be room for exercise equipment in here as well! Good luck!

Second Row, Left To Right
lisetiffner: has cleared 140 items from the kitchen so far! Once you truly assess what you use on a daily basis and can make do without, it’s amazing how the ball starts rolling!
fembotlife: has a great view from the bedroom when waking up to birds each morning. The birds have a bad habit of spilling their seed in the window tracks, does anyone have an idea how to prevent this?
steph_123: has a great front porch but is looking to jazz things up a little. What would you like to see having a new home on this prime, people watching porch?
librarygrrrl: has been hard at work Curing the hall closet, make sure to click over to the original photo to see all the hard work that’s been done. It’s always amazing to see how nice clothes and jackets look on all wood hangers! Nice job!
Scarlett_Callass: has picked a bright new hue for the entryway. The color might be bold, but the vibe is sleek and modern, do you have any suggestions to keep the space as clutter free as it is now while adding a little warmth?

What do you have left on your list of things to do for this week? Is there cleaning to be done, arranging to happen or do you still need to take a few minutes and sit in your spaces to assess what you really have in store ahead of you? The week is half over, so hop to it!

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)