The Spring Cure: Creating Your Vision

The Spring Cure: Creating Your Vision

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 15, 2010

• Cure Clock: 8 Weeks to go
• Assignment: Read Week One: Creating Your Own Vision

Welcome to week one and throw open the windows! I'm so excited that it's finally feeling like spring and that it's time to all get started as a group prepping our nests for the summer. (Have you signed up yet? If not, click here.) I have to confess that I've already started. Two weeks ago I bought new sheets for our bedroom and rearranged the living room, and this past weekend Sara Kate and Ursula repainted the kitchen backsplash. But there's still a lot to do, and this week we get to dream a bit as we put together a real plan.

This week, the goal for us all is to assess our homes and come up with our new "vision" for how we want our homes to feel when we're done in 8 weeks. Here's mine:

Our home is feeling crowded and dusty. Over the winter, our closets and drawers have filled up and everything is in need of a cleaning. I want our home to feel light and airy again. This Cure is going to be mainly a Deep Treatment with a de-cluttering of every room as well as some repainting where the walls are getting marked up and old.

Additionally, I want to explore injecting a little more color into our rooms, possibly through paint on the walls. The pics that inspire me have more and more color in them (and feel really cozy) and I want to experiment with this.

Love the dark, steel elements here. (Via The Kitchn)

I like the rich dark colors creeping into this interior. (Via Emma)

Love the magenta here. (Via Apartment Therapy)

This is an old fave. The color here is in the furniture and the ceiling. Bit of a pipe dream really. (Via Emma)

Dark accent on bathtub is great here. (Via Emma)

Your vision for your home may be TOTALLY different. This week, read chapter 1 and figure out what yours is, while the group forms to help you out.

While I'm working on my project, I'm going to keep you updated here each Monday. Wednesday and Fridays, Sarah Rae and Cambria are going to touch base with all of us via post and email and keep tabs on our progress. This season we're also urging everyone to record their progress on Twitter, in comments and on our one discussion board, so that we can keep one another company and help pull one another through.

For those of you who are brand new, here's a little more background into my thinking about what this Home Cure and this week are about.

My Apartment Therapy Philosophy & Week One

Like the food you eat, your home environment has a huge impact upon you, and a beautiful, healthy home provides a powerful support system that can really make a huge difference in helping you to reach your personal and professional goals.

The goal of this Home Cure is therefore to literally "heal" your home, transforming it into a place that is beautiful, enlivening and healthy, which you will be proud to share.

Let's get started.

My approach to interior design has always been to first get myself inspired with a "feeling" of how I want a room to be. This includes a full picture of what I want it to look like as well as how I can imagine people using it comfortably. If it doesn't feel comfortable or exciting in my mind, then it doesn't pass the test.

So, this week, imagine the room or the home you want. Don't limit yourself. I want you to get excited. This is what chapter one is all about: new possibilities that will unlock your enthusiasm for your home.

"All successful journeys start with a positive vision."

When I've been called up in the past to help people in their homes, it's usually because they're not happy with what they're living with. Crisis is one of the strongest motivators, but though it provides momentum, it doesn't provide a real good direction. Real motivation and energy come from having an idea — even just a vague one — of what you'd like your home to be like.

I find my strongest inspiration comes not from magazines and styled shots, but from friends and neighbors, places that I've actually been in that have made an impression or photographs of places that I feel share my style but do it BETTER. I carry these images around inside my head until the time when I'm ready to act on them.

This week, as you read the first chapter, try envisioning your home in a way that inspires you and then draw, cut out or download the images or words that communicate your vision. Put them in a folder or on paper and share them with someone, so that you can hear yourself say them. Once you've done this, your intention will have been born and it's only a matter of time before it happens.

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