The Spring Cure: Creating Your Vision

The Spring Cure: Creating Your Vision

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 21, 2009
Victoria started her Cure in her office by changing out lights and her desk. Nice work!
• Cure Clock: 7.25 weeks remaining • Assignment: Read Chapter 1: Creating Your Own Vision • Curees: 602...

Earlier this week Abby and Laure gave us a sneak peek into their personal style trays and inspired us to start the process of pinning down how we want our Cured spaces to look in the end. We (Sarahrae and Susie) will be finishing up the Cure week by sharing with everyone a show and tell of sorts. You've been busy sending us your photos, so click through to see what the other Curers have been up to...

This week, I (Sarahrae) will show you some of the great progress and frustrations that everyone has shared with us. Next week be on the lookout for Susie's update! On with the show!!

Girlysmack moved from Virginia to Colorado just in time to participate in The Cure. She's been busy in the kitchen and even with toddlers underfoot, she's managed to get the ball rolling! Curing a space when you are unpacking is daunting.

After my own recent move, I know from personal experience, all you want is to get things out of boxes. Although it's easy to focus on just getting the cardboard gone, it's more important to structure your rooms along the way. How many times have you said, "If only I could just take everything out and start fresh?" Moving is a great time to do just that, and it's ok if things don't all come out of boxes, but remember if it's lived in a box for more than a few months, chances are you don't need it around to begin with! Thanks Girlsmack, it looks great!

Chottomotto in Florida is like many of us and when life gets busy, so does the kitchen table. This is a great place for The Cure to start. Even if the rest of your house is still in progress, it's a great thing to be able to sit down at the table for a meal.

Having a refuge when you get down to the nitty gritty of the clutter and projects around you, is a fantastic thing. Just make sure to clear it back off each night before bed, so you wake up to a clean fresh space each morning! Nice work Chottomotto, you're a step ahead of me! (currently my kitchen table is covered in drying Print Gocco prints and supplies from my picture frame repair from last night)!

Valleygurrl in LA is buried (like many of our other Curers)! Sorting through paperwork and things that we've held onto previously can be difficult. In my own personal paper purges, sorting out only a few types of papers at a time has helped. First I put all the things (that later went into a safe) that if there was a fire, we would need to grab in a hurry. Birth certificates, social security cards, car titles, things of that nature. Next, out of the remaining pile, I sorted out sentimental things and work things. For the most part, my paper fit into these three categories.

From there I was able to trash/recycle what was left, and tackle each remaining box one at a time. Feeling like you are succeeding in a task comes with finishing it, even if it's in part. So knowing you have sorted through a box and everything that's left in it stays can be gratifying. Although I must admit, after having sorted things down and the end was in sight, I went back to some of my previously sorted piles and boxes with the realization that I didn't need some of what I had previously kept. (And a shout out goes to the TV show Burn Notice. Without it, the task of sitting on the floor in piles of papers might have been a bit more than I could tolerate. So find a good TV show (or netflix one) and get to work!

Although it felt awkward at first to be getting rid of things we had deemed "important" prior to sorting, it was a great feeling to know that we were free of some of it as well. We still keep our most important papers and sentimental papers in our home safe and the rest in a file box.

A personal note from my own home....

This wall is just inside the door to my loft on your left. My husband and I have decided to make it our gallery space and the placement of the frames had been bugging me for the last month or so. Yesterday I took it all down and repositioned it and am enjoying it much better. I would like to extend the artwork over the door (as the arrow indicates) and install lighting to truly highlight the fabulous pieces we have collected over the years. There's also plans for old crates making storage along the bottom of the wall and talks of a rug or "something" to ground the space. Painting the wall is also on the list, but we'll tackle that when we hit that part of the book! Baby steps!!

I do have my own style tray, but I also like to photoshop in my goals for certain spaces. Just in case I fall off the weekly band wagon, the file serves as a great reminder where I'm headed and what I want to accomplish. Plus, photographing your spaces (even if you aren't brave enough to share them with us) is a great reality check. To be the most successful in The Spring Cure, being brutally honest with yourself on the state of your spaces and the goals you have for each area is essential, and nothing is more honest than a photograph!

Thank you to those who have already shared their progress with us!

Please keep the photos coming as we love to see what you're up to. Don't be afraid to send us photos of problem areas or spaces that you'd like us to help you out with. We are here to help and love getting picture mail! Keep up the great work and we wish you all a great weekend full of progress and passion for making your home what you want it to be!

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