The Spring Cure: Final Notes

The Spring Cure: Final Notes

Maxwell Ryan
May 18, 2010

Natasha finished her bedroom during the Cure, while wrangling three kids!
"My original expectations were completely different than where I ended up. I was amazed at how much the journey influenced my apartment, but also how I approach and view my life. I totally joked about the therapy part, but never realized it would be true!"Amber

• Cure Clock: 4 Months Till Next Cure
• Assignment: Enjoy

Thanks again to all of you who were not only able to submit your homes, but also took the time to answer our questions about the Cure so that we can make it better. We've been doing the Cure online now since the spring of 2006, and we've been changing it EVERY time based on your feedback and also on our own. We're going to change it again, when we start up in September, but I want to take the time today to answer some of your questions and tell you what we have in store for the future.


"It would be interesting to do only a 4-week cure after a kitchen cure. 12 weeks is a tad too long and I'm really tired now, need a break from thinking so much about my space."

Many of you agreed with Ninakk above. At top is a graph of all your activity during this Spring Cure. It was a lot of activity, but true to our past experience, we got the most at first and then it gets harder to maintain as the weeks go by. This is the one big thing that I'd like to work on with all of you. I KNOW that 8 weeks is a long time for many of you (in fact, when I first finished writing the book in 2004, it was called the Eight Week Cure, but my publisher decided we should change it to Eight Step Cure because people would feel that eight weeks was too long!), and I also know that it's fine for many of you. However, we're going to try changing it to four weeks in the fall to experiment and see what happens.

I've also seen that Sara Kate's Kitchen Cure, which is four weeks long, gets even more sign-ups than our Cure, and I think that MIGHT have to do with the fact that most people can get their arms around it and get it done.

So, look out for a shorter Cure in the fall and next spring, with the two of them complementing one another and also complementing the Kitchen Cure for those of you who want to do all of it.

In addition, when we break it down to four weeks, I'm going to create a really clear structure so that you know exactly what to aim for and where you stand at the end of each week. It will be different from the book, but based on it.


"Some sort of community area on the AT site might be a welcome addition."

Many of you echoed Adam's words and I WISH we could do more with community. Our blog software is woefully outdated (we've stretched it to the limit) and we're working this summer to build our community functionality from the ground up, so that we can offer full forums and interactivity among our readers, particularly Curees. If we're lucky, this will be partially in effect for the fall Cure and totally in effect by next spring.

I really think that the future of the Cure is going to be community driven, and I look forward to the day when you all are not waiting for my post to get the ball rolling!


"It feels that AT doesn't put enough effort into the cure- at least- not as much effort as cures in the past.."
Lori Anderson

My apologies! I think that Cambria and Sarah Rae worked really hard and did an admirable job, and I think that I got HAMMERED by this Cure and DID NOT do as well. It was my posts that slid in late on four Tuesday's (including this one) and I was responsible for kicking off the week. Truth be told, we all work really hard, but you probably sensed two things happening this spring.

One, we cut down the number of posts,discussion boards and emails to make it more streamlined and more focused. We didn't do this to cut out work. We did this because we thought that we had too much clutter in the fall.

Two, this spring has been historically busy for me. As Apartment Therapy has grown, demands on my time have grown AND my new book came out last week, all of which made me less effective than in the past. What I should do is step back from writing to the Cure each week, BUT I don't want to (insert tears here). By moving to four weeks, it will probably really help me focus and get my schedule in line with the Cure no matter what happens, so I'm going to go for it again. This was a hard Cure for me, but I tend not to beat myself up. I just keep moving.


"I loved all the posts by AT, they were really encouraging and helpfull. I did alot stuff in organizing, sorting and editing that you don't see but feel everyday at home. Finally: - I have a landing strip and it works! - My kitchen and bathroom got a major spring cleaning! - I decluttered the basement totally and removed a lot of old stuff...."
"You AT editors have done this before and it shows! I hit the Week 5 slump and right in the middle of beating myself up about it you posted that it was perfectly normal to be dragging and then penned some motivating words."

Thank you! We got a lot of comments like this and it makes me, Cambria and Sarah Rae happy. :-)


"What about prizes through your other avenues? Instead of asking repeatedly for people to tweet their progress, why not give them a reason (i.e. prizes for people on twitter)?"

We like stuff like this - little motivational prizes - more for the fun of it than the monetary value of it. Were giving away ten copies of the new book to those graduates below (chosen at random), and we'll continue to do stuff like this going forward.

Spring 2010 Book Winners! Yay!

  • Kara

  • Abby

  • lori anderson

  • Christine

  • Ewa Myszkowska

  • Amber

  • Ereuyi

  • Susan King

  • Kelly w/ a Y

  • Nicole Solis


Thanks to all of you for sharing. No matter what we do as editors, it's really what you do that makes the difference and continues to inspire the group. Please keep up all your good work and remember, "Nothing you do for your home is ever wasted."

"I love seeing everyone's progress on the flickr group. I find it very inspiring and makes me want to share my photos as well."
"I liked seeing everyone's photos in the weekly emails."
"I found comfort knowing others were going through the process at the same time. Having recently moved, I'd been feeling like I was the only person I knew whose life was in an uproar! "
Leslie Monthan


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