The Spring Cure: Graduation - The End Is Here

The Spring Cure: Graduation - The End Is Here

Sarah Rae Smith
May 15, 2009

Joymich has done some amazing work throughout the Cure. Her full Flickr set is a true work of art that's packed with color and we hope you find as much inspiration in it as we did!

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Assignment: Read Chapter 12: Week 9 & Beyond

If you were to only read one Spring Cure post over the last 9 weeks, you'd want to read this one. We've saved the best for last and have some truly inspirational spaces to show off.

You've been busy and worked hard for this moment. We know some of you are finishing up this weekend and that's ok! Don't forget to add them to the Flickr Pool so we can see how things turned out

After the jump you'll find at least 10 of our favorite Cured spaces and places that were done before the final bell sounded! Click through to see what our Spring Cure graduates have to show off...

Class of Spring 2009 We're building this list all week. Should you be on here? Tell us in the comments! We'll keep checking through the weekend!

• Adam
• Anica
Chloe & Ivan
Cassie Lynne
krpm1 aka Kelly:)

kikiclark learned a valuable lesson in cleaning your children's rooms... do it when they aren't around! Although teaching children to tidy and purge is a great lesson, it can be hard when little hands are rearranging stacks and "helping" you make other piles! Things turned out great and it looks like a great room to hang out and be a kid in!

Drew Fansler has a great collection of screen printed gig posters. A great composition above the couch has been made, but what really sets off the artwork is the lighting. Remember, if you love it enough to hang it in your home, love it enough to truly feature it and light it up!

One of the hardest things to do is make a large functioning studio space. They are easy places to attract clutter and for them to work in the way they need to, they just can't ever be small. Tgfoo has done a great job getting things organized and ready to use!

A R M S C T R L on Flickr has done a great job at keeping things in the bedroom streamlined. A small space calls for sleek features that help make things feel more open. This straight lined table from CB2 works out perfectly! The wall mounted FLOR tiles make a great headboard without taking up any additional space! Nice work!

Cassie Lynne has done a great job playing to the strengths of the architecture in her home. What could be an awkward space to decorate became the focal point instead with these fabulous numbers going all the way to the ceiling. Her home has more details than we can shake a stick at, so make sure you check out the full Flickr set.

anna*lyssa has kept a real focus on eating at home and isn't shying away from making us all hungry! Homemade pasta with crab and fava beans anyone? Please set the table for all 900 curees, we'll be there for dinner! Eating at home is easier to do in a clean and organized space. It feels more restful to eat in a dining room or kitchen that is in order and will only inspire you to do so more often!

krpm1 has decided to tackle an upholstery project this Cure and made a great structural improvement along the way. Ottomans are great ways to bring in extra seating, however, many aren't all that comfortable or supportive to sit on. Before tackling fabric, plywood was applied to the main structure. Next up is reattaching the foam and fabric, then it's ready to be put into action. It was a simple step that made a great piece even more functional! Great idea!

ZsaZsa42 has made great strides in the bedroom (no not like that!) and has taken on the project of making a headboard. Doing it yourself can scale back on the costs and encourage you to take on a bigger project next time! The headboard looks fantastic! Nice work!

Kathy has been hard at work in her bedroom lately and we love everything that was done, but we felt the subtle changes in this space made a huge impact. Often times when we think about making over a bedroom the first place we turn is to the bed. It usually takes up the most space in a room and feels like a natural place to start. But in this case, the linens stayed (which we love!) and other small changes to the room made this space transform. A lamp here, a nightstand there, a few curtain panels and repeating mirrors and it's a whole new room!

gridpaper has been packing and has moved into a new place during the last few weeks. The Spring Cure is a great way to slim down your belongings before you move, making things a bit lighter in your new home. Doing a mini-Cure before packing up is a great way to help remember what's important, what's well loved and what can go in the out-box!

It's our hope that over the past 9 weeks you've learned to love the space you're in. It's easy to admire homes (especially on Apartment Therapy) that might be bigger, smaller, brighter or loftier, but when all is said and done, the space we have is ours and it should reflect all that we need it to. It's our hope that in the weeks between now and the Fall Cure, fresh flowers might find their way into your home, meals will be made with love and care from your own kitchen and you remember to throw open the windows to let the fresh air in. You've all been such an inspiration to us and to each other and we love being able to share your journey with you.

It's time to pat yourself on the back, celebrate with friends (which is still the best motivator to keeping a clean house!) and enjoy the changes you've made. Make sure to check out our previous Cure posts... they're packed to the gills with some of the fantastic transformations everyone made along the way. If you need a little bit extra motivation, it's a great place to find some!

You Did It. The End Is Here.

Next Cure Starts On or Around September 21, 2009!

>> Still Have Pictures To Share? You can upload them to Flickr with the tag "apartmenttherapy" or check out the group of past Curees that will be hosting the -Home- group where you can share ideas, spaces and inspiration in between this Cure and the one this Fall!

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