The Spring Cure: Graduation

The Spring Cure: Graduation

Sarah Rae Smith
May 14, 2009
Wig3000 has held true with fresh flowers all the way until the last week of The Cure!

Quote Of The Day: "I have to say, I never thought I'd be able to do all this myself. I'm almost 58, and some days after working on a room, I thought I couldn't get off the floor. I was scared to do this, because I started out knowing nothing except how to paint. I've ripped out carpets and carpet tack strips with a crowbar ("I need a crowbar, he said. What's a crowbar?"), laid Flor carpet, painted, cleaned, patched holes in the concrete slab, laid vinyl tile, replaced base board and base trim. I'm really proud of myself." -magicbsm

Cure Clock: 0 weeks remaining
Assignment: Read Chapter 12: Week 9 & Beyond

Things always seem more important or entertaining than purging clutter and truly deep cleaning your homes, but it's not until you've felt the satisfaction of time spent making your home breathe easier and reflect who you truly are, that you can really understand. You have all come so far and shared with us so many wonderful projects and advancements in your homes. We're excited for everyone to have a fresh, clean space that they will be able to enjoy through the summer months. Sadly our time is coming to a close and there's only 1 more Cure post left after today (until Fall). After the jump you'll find a growing list of graduates, plus evidence of all the clutter that has been shed, through the 9 weeks we've spent curing our spaces together!

Class of Spring 2009 We're building this list all week. Should you be on here? Tell us in the comments!

• Adam
• Anica
Chloe & Ivan
Cassie Lynne
krpm1 aka Kelly:)

Sometimes the hardest part of our homes to Cure is our small spaces. Homey in Boston has done a great job of creating a perfect area for a landing strip that's warm and inviting upon entering their home. Not only is it functional it doesn't feel out of place with the style of their home. Nice work!

Smcasey found the motivation needed to tackler her kitchen during The Cure. Her transformation is fantastic and all of the hard work shines through! We love the red floor and can't wait to see it with the curtain up!

A Surroca suffered the pains of an entertainment center rewire. It can be a tricky thing to tackle as it requires a great deal of effort to move around such large objects. Everything looks great when all is said and done!

Inkstainedwriter has a brand new bright and cheery bedroom after The Spring Cure. It's the perfect place to fall asleep at night and truth be told, looks amazing for a nap right about now! Can we come on over?!

SPLashley has made great strides since moving in 7 months ago! There is color and small touches everywhere you look, make sure to check out the full flickr set on all the hard work!

Tomorrow will be our final Show and Tell post! Make sure you've uploaded your pictures to Flickr or sent them in to us online so we can make sure and get them all posted! It will be a whopper of a post, so make sure to tune in!!
Next Cure Starts On or Around September 21, 2009!

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