The Spring Cure: Landing Strip

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sara.cali from our Flickr Pool has fantastic flowers on this beautiful Friday morning. Fresh flowers and a four legged friend to share them with make any day brighter!
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Cure Clock: 5.25 weeks remaining
Assignment: Read Chapter 3
   • Where is that mail landing?
   • Can you get the door open without banging?

Curees: 815 and counting…

It’s been a busy week and a big thank you goes out to all who have shared your outstanding progress with us on Flickr and by direct submission! It’s been fantastic to see all the wonderful changes and hard work that is going into your homes to make them healthier. To keep your fires lit we have a plethora of pictures and links to keep you motivated after the jump!

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kcmo in Kansas City has a baby on the way and is focusing on getting their own bedroom finished up so what little sleep is in their future can be had in a great restful space. We love the mounted headboard and nightstands! Great job!

Week Three is here and almost out the door and although it seems like the road is still long ahead, we are almost to the half way point, so give yourselves a round of applause. This can be the trickiest time to keep the motivation going. We’ve all been hard at work decluttering, rearranging, purging and filling our outboxes and even though we have a larger picture in mind for things, it can feel a little overwhelming to be living in a space that isn’t 100% set in it’s ways! So chin up, we’re right there with you and the ball is still rolling. If you feel overwhelmed, sit down with a good book and a cup of tea and give yourself a break from the changes. It’s always easier to keep the fires lit under a big project when you have a small escape every once in awhile.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
stinkycretingurl from Flickr shared with us this great IKEA hack for her landing strip. The artwork that graces the front is done simply in Sharpie marker!

After having the honor and privilege of admiring the hard work and style trays of so many (thank you 100 times over for sharing them with us!) it’s hard not to catch the motivated and inspired bug. For my own home this week I’ve been focusing on color (which hasn’t felt cozy since we moved in) and our landing strip. Although my husband and I had one in place, we decided to make it even more functional to catch all of our clutter and “stuff” from the outside world at the door.
I can’t even begin to describe, the difference it has made to detox our home at the door instead of letting everything filter into the rest of our space. Not only are we spending less time tidying, we have everything at hand when we’re ready to leave again. Our home is finally taking a breath of fresh air and doesn’t have the same small piles of things here and there.

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chottomotto took on the seemingly impossible task of sorting through personal files and creating a system that works. You can see the stages of the decluttering in action in our Cure Flickr Pool.

One of the best ways to cure clutter is to keep it out of your home. Take the time to cut back on catalogs and mail that is unwanted. Often times a quick phone call, email is all it takes to be removed from mailing lists. We went as far as to set a recycle box in the lobby of our building for people to toss in their unwanted papers. Obviously things with important numbers would still need to be shredded, but it’s been a great way for everyone to rid themselves of that extra “stuff” before tracking it into their home. We simply put the box out with the rest of the recycling each week! Remember, if it never enters your home, it never has to be taken out!

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If you haven’t had a chance to eat at home this week, the weekend is a perfect time to do so. Joymich from Boston is set for Guacomole and has even shared her recipe with us! Check out The Kitchn for more!

Here’s some of our favorite links for some extra inspiration!

  • Ideas For Your Party (It’s really the best way to kick off your new healthier home!)
  • House Tours (Take a break from your own space and see what others are doing!)
  • Want To Know How To Create A Quick Cheap Rug?
    (Image credit: Sarah Rae Smith)

    In my bag (I don’t carry a purse), I always carry a little pocket sized floor plan to help me remember specific sizes and paint colors when I’m out and about.

    It has saved me more times than I can remember from buying that great bargain piece of furniture that I think “might fit” but can’t quite remember the exact measurements. It’s also helped out when purchasing accent pieces for the house. Now when I run across something, I simply pull out the paint chips and see if it coordinates in the way I was hoping it does. Sometimes it matches brilliantly and sometimes it doesn’t, saving us a return trip later for an exchange or return. It’s been my best friend and I’ve even added scraps of fabric and magazine clippings that I really love for extra inspiration. Sometimes seeing a picture of a space I feel in love with helps keep me restrained from buying something that “will do” instead of “something I can’t live without.” You can see how it’s done and more about what we keep on the ring right over here!

    It’s been a great week, so make this weekend work for you. The Cure doesn’t have to consume your entire life, set a timer and get done what you can in the time you have to do it. Maybe it’s 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there, no matter what you’ll feel better about the space you’re in for taking that extra 5 minutes and making it work for you. So, tackle what you can, forget about the rest until next time and don’t forget to keep on sending us pictures to keep the inspiration rolling!


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