The Spring Cure: Mid-Cure Fatigue and Frustration?

The Spring Cure: Mid-Cure Fatigue and Frustration?

Cambria Bold
Apr 20, 2010

I'm taking a break this week from the Spring Cure Discussion Spotlight to talk about something has been popping up quite frequently in the Comments, on Flickr, as well as in the Discussion board. People are feeling tired, you've fallen behind in the tasks, and you find yourself mired in a "slump" that you can't get out of. Add that to an inconsistent start to the week on our end (we have yet to get our Week Six Intro out), and you're feeling frustrated! I understand. And I want to encourage you to keep going. Here are three things that might help you:

First of all, I'd like to say that we're not perfect. We're trying to stick to our Mon/Wed/Fri schedule, but sometimes things just come up that prevent that from happening. Please bear with us while we try to get things together on our end. We want you all to succeed wildly at this, and we're trying to help you, however imperfectly.

Now, regarding the mid-Cure slump. Here are my suggestions for breaking through and finishing out the 8 weeks:

1. Accept, Don't Judge: Okay, so you're supposed to have done x and x by now, according to the book, but a million and one things have come up in your life and you find that you're way behind. It's okay. It happens to everyone (even us!). Look at this as opportunity to appreciate the small things you've already done: did you make a Style tray? Did you clear out your front closet? Whatever it is, you've made some steps towards having a better, healthier home, so you should be proud of that. Something is better than nothing, certainly.

2. Keep Looking Forward: Depending on how far behind you've fallen, it might not be possible to catch up on everything that we've done so far. This week is all about the lighting and next week is all about the bedroom, so just start there. If you can't make up all the other tasks, just jot them down somewhere as a To-Do for next month, or the next Cure. But don't give up just because you've fallen behind. You can still work on your bedroom (what some would say is the most important room in the house) or get great lighting set up in the one room you're working on (even if, say, you haven't yet cleared out the pile of papers in the corner). You'll feel so much better continuing on with the Cure and officially graduating than you would giving up half-way. You can go back later and address those tasks. We don't want you to ignore the tasks you've missed, or forget about them. (They're still important.) But just acknowledge that you didn't get to them, write them down as an important To-Do for some weekend next month, and move on.

3. Get Inspired: We get it. Who wants to be inside cleaning and de-cluttering when Spring has sprung and the weather is turning lovely? And especially if you're feeling frustrated, you probably just want to flee your house and forget about everything that you should be doing. That might not be a bad thing! If you're feel especially frustrated, chances are you might need to take a break, get outside, take a day trip somewhere. Forget about it for awhile and gain some perspective. Move your body. Go for a run or a bike ride. Then step inside your home again, take a deep breath, and write down why you started the Cure in the first place. What were you hoping for? You may even want to ask yourself what the one thing, above all others, that you wanted to accomplish in this Cure. Then put that somewhere you'll see it every day. If nothing else, put your energy towards accomplishing that one thing for the next 3 weeks.

What are your self-motivating strategies? Share them below!

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