The Spring Cure: Retail Therapy

The Spring Cure: Retail Therapy

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 7, 2010

• Cure Clock: 5 weeks to go
• Assignment: Read Week 4: Retail Therapy
• Cure Members: 1,360

Last week in our Wednesday's Show & Tell post, I took a few moments and shared with your Forester's tale of being a Minimalist Slob. If you missed it, make sure you check back, but this week I wanted to go all out and share loads of photos with you. In celebration of all of your hard work we have a whole slew of Before & Afters to share with you! There's so many inspirational ideas, ongoings and solutions to everyday household problems that I've been waiting for what seems like forever to give their moment in the spotlight! Are you ready for some serious Cure awesomeness? Well buckle up, because here we go!

As our spaces start to clear out and our visions become a little more clear for our cluttered spaces, it's been a joyous ride to watch the Flickr photos roll in. If you're feeling a little lack luster for the process as a whole or week at hand, make sure to flip through, even though we've listed 30 of our favorite photos below, there's so many more to be seen and shared!

First Row, Left To Right
steph_123: has a fabulous old vintage sign that works perfectly to hold spice containers, timers and recipes above the stove. Great use of space and a fabulous find to boot!
alahoop: has recently moved and it took a full day to sort through all the odds and ends from the unpacking process. Everything was dealt with properly and now there's a brand new room to kick back and relax in! Nice work!
mizrahishopper: took on the Mud Room and won! What was a mis-mashed pile became a functioning space that can be used for coats and boots, but best of all, has room to walk!
heidiologies: has recently installed a new Closet Maid system and has quite a bit of information to share about the process if you're interested in this type of set up. Each closet is different from the next and is a great place to start if you're lost without any closet organization happening.
kknina: has made time to install some window shades and is looking to layer them a bit more with an additional vertical side drape, what color should it be?

Second Row, Left To Right
ekkuj: has new paint! It's lush, dark and dreamy and appears to be the best seat in the house for some reading time.
lisetiffner: has a landing space with a view. All neat and tidy, it's a functional space that can now be a great catch all for all who enter.
straight lines al day: has one of the best porches we've ever seen. This after shot of all the hard work simply speaks for itself. Trust me when I say, it's worth your time to flip over and see it in full... and then daydream of catching an afternoon nap there.
adriantwright: has a super clean workspace that's quite the role model for organization. Peg board is always an inexpensive and attractive solution for kitchen clutter!
Alana Waters-Piper: has a great eye for collections but took some time this Cure to thin things down and let them breathe a little. It allows each piece to be seen and keep the feel of the space moving, nice work!

Third Row, Left To Right
nccata: is having a little trouble deciding where to place the dining room table. The room has great doors and entryways, but which direction should the table face and does it need a facelift? Hit up Flickr for the larger version and leave your opinion in the comments below!
sassyladie4567: is laying out what's to become a gallery wall on the floor before starting to put nails in the wall. It's a great way to get the luck without you want with out your drywall looking like it was attached by a flock of woodpeckers!
Joymich: has switched out the dining room table and repurposed a stainless steel work table, it looks great and we're curious to see how "finger-printy" it gets!
at143tv: has a cute little collection, but is unsure of how to rearrange things. Do you have a solution or should some of it be packed away? Share your thoughts below!
skinnygirlslovebacon: has a perfect spot for cut flowers without sacrificing any counter space. These wall mount vases allow for a little freshness without the worry of banging into them with jars of flour or sugar while baking!

Do you have any solutions, suggestions or praise for any of the photos above? Make sure to leave your helping comments below!

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