The Spring Cure: Retail Therapy

The Spring Cure: Retail Therapy

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 6, 2009

Cure Clock: 4 weeks remaining
Assignment: Read Chapter 4, pp. 129-153
   • Makeover living room, with decluttering of books and media
   • Shopping research and Protein furniture lesson

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These pics above are from an apartment I recently visited that was impeccable. While it wasn't my style, I had to admire all the work that had been done and all the smart decisions that had been made. Even these funny little CD racks were delightful. Found in Finland, I thought this pic would be a good way of kicking off Week 4, which is about a number of things, but one of them is paring down and organizing your media. But first, how about a poll?

This week you are also definitely IN IT, as they say, so I thought it would be good to do a little halfway through check-in. Feeling low? We have help for you. Feeling good? You can help out. Here's a strength machine. Please contribute liberally and remember, you only get one pull on the machine:

Reading through the chapter again last night, the thing that was living strongest in me was the part about Protein and Carbohydrate Furniture. I loved writing this back then and love it now. It's still true. There was a time when I bought furniture without knowing what it was made of, mainly because it looked good in the pictures or on the showroom floor. I really didn't realize that there was such a wide variation in the quality and way in which things were made. I shouldn't have been so surprised. When you pay very little for something, you should expect to get very little in return. People shouldn't be surprised that a lot of stuff from Ikea doesn't last long (not all of it, but a lot!). We're so used to low prices, that it's quite an education to learn that real quality still costs something and that real quality will make a real difference in terms of how long something will last, how good it will look and how much gratification you will get out of it.

All of which means that I heartily recommend buying less, but buying the best you can afford when you DO buy something. Go for protein, avoid carbohydrates.

I did, however, write about Eames' knock offs this morning, Eames Knock Offs, Fakes & Copies, and I got some flak for it as well. One reader wrote in and said:

"Your misunderstanding of basic authenticity and integrity bothers me very much. I don't have time for people that rationalize and encourage this kind of behavior."

I realize that writing about this subject may seem confusing and I'm a little sensitive to the criticism, but I think that it's reasonable to be a lover of design and a proponent of quality and still find a place in the world for a much lower priced copy of something you love.

The truth is that buying original, protein furniture is EXPENSIVE and, particularly now, not everyone is fabulously wealthy and can afford everything they want or need. In these cases, I think that it is acceptable to buy a copy of something you love because it's the most you can afford and because it's the BEST you can afford.

And, hey, some of these copies are pretty well made and people have put work into them, so I don't want to look down my nose at them. I am not into getting all snooty about design and authenticity, but I do believe in honesty in sales.

What I think is REALLY bad is lying and passing off a fake as the real thing. That is a crime.

So, I'm going to leave it there for you to mull over. I think tomorrow I'm going to do a round up of good sources for buying used Eames furniture - the real stuff, but cheaper, because it's used.

Meanwhile, let's take a look into our submissions bag and see what amazing work I can show off today.

Congratulations for all the hard work so far to:

Ashley in Austin:

"Got most of the boxes unpacked and put away so the "entry" is definitely cleared out. Place to hang purse/jacket/scarf, and on the little table, place to hang helmet, a tray for cell phones and ipods, with chargers. So far, it works. Of course once we get furniture in there, things will need shifting."



Gridpaper in Toronto, Ontario:

"In addition to the weekly tasks at hand, I've been cleaning up a little corner of my home each week. I find that I "pile" items, and thus, corner clutter results even though the rest of the room looks spacious and clean! It's a hard trap but I'm working on ridding myself of these little unsightlies."




KCMO in Kansas City:

"These are some before and after pictures of our master bedroom. Our first baby is due in five weeks, so we're on a little bit of a rushed schedule, but our main goal with The Cure was to make our bedroom into a restful space for those few hours a night when we're able to sleep."




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