The Spring Cure: The Thick Of It

The Spring Cure: The Thick Of It

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 13, 2010
Here's our hotel room this past weekend at Hotel Verneuil in Paris....full story below.

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This past week I took a few days off and flew to Paris with Sara Kate (Ursula stayed behind with her grandmother). It was my birthday present to both of us, and we both went to soak up French design and food, relax and interview a couple of folks who we are fans of. While not a typical Cure week for us, I thought I'd share with you all some inspiring pictures that helped me to get a new perspective on our own home (ie. eye candy). Enjoy and don't worry if you're experiencing difficulty with your Cure right now. Everyone is. Next week gets much better.

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The Hotel Verneuil


We stayed at the Hotel Verneuil twice in the past five years, and even though they can be quite testy and awkward at the front desk, the rooms are small, lovely jewel boxes that really show how much you can do with a tiny, well organized space.


I love the two tall hanging closets that frame the bed. The closets, in addition to holding a lot, and the ceiling "fringe" make this small bed feel very grand.


All of the walls are covered in padded fabric, which keeps it very quiet and cozy.


Here's a closeup of the ceiling fixture.


I also love how they cover their windows with white linen in Paris. It allows the light through, while providing privacy. Note, as well, the great hardware for holding the two windows open just the right amount.

Notre Dame Last Thursday


Paris is a few weeks behind New York in it's springtime right now. But it was still warm, sunny and lovely.

Green Walls at Musee du Quai Branly


These were amazing looking and the second installation that we saw Paris in our short visit. I particularly liked how wild the plants get toward the roof.


Big Polar Bear


The French are great at surprising oppositions. This stuffed polar bear was spotted in a small shop window around the corner from our hotel.


Small Cars


Cars are simply a lot smaller in Paris, but these vintage designs really stood out. I love taking pics like this.



This Week's Assignment

In the Deep Treatment, among other things you are diving into the home office and tackling all the computer and electrical tangles that you may have. You are also considering a Media Fast, which is a rather radical part of our household cleaning binge.

As for wireless technology, this simply offers a tremendous design advantage that eliminates wires and clutter for those who work at home on laptops, which is also now easy and inexpensive to set up. Our Unplggd site was started specifically to aid in this area...

In the One Room Workout you will be getting into real color, painting color that is. I had a great time writing this part of the book and remembering all that I had learned over the years about painting. In particular, I liked being able to lay out some healthier paint alternatives, and found lately that it's finally getting easier to buy healthy paints, no matter where you live.

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