The Spring Cure: The Thick Of It

The Spring Cure: The Thick Of It

Cambria Bold
Apr 16, 2010

I love seeing a cheerful office. There's no reason paperwork and filing needs to be dull. Via AT:LA

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Remember back in Week One when you made a style file of your favorite inspirational pictures? Now may be the time to look through those images again to remind yourself why you started the Cure in the first place. It's usually around this time that we start to feel our motivation wane ("There's still 3 weeks to go!?") but looking through your style tray should inspire you to push on. We all want our homes to be beautiful, healthy and organized, and we're getting ever so close…

An efficient, organized yet lovely home office. Via AT:LA

Deep Treatment:

De-Cluttering Your Files

If you're like most people, home office files and papers are some of the most vexing clutter problems. Paper clutter accumulates when decisions on the best course of action are deferred. ("I'll figure out what to do with that later" or "I'll just hold on to it for now.") Personally, when it comes to important files or paperwork, I am horribly guilty of this. I have at least one box of miscellaneous papers and files that desperately needs to be dealt with. My problem is that I didn't file things as needed, and so over the last few months (nay, years!), it's piled up. I've put it aside, but now I seriously need to address it. That is my main task this weekend.

Most of those papers I need to sort through are old receipts, credit card offers and bill stubs before I went paperless, and I think I'll be able to shred and recycle most of it. We've gone paperless for all our bills and, as I wrote in Week Three, I've taken steps to get myself off junk mailing lists. If you set up an efficient Landing Strip, you're already in great shape for handling your files as they come through the door: sort your mail as you get it, and keep any business-related mail that requires a response by your front door until you're ready to act on it.

I think we all can take inspiration from this organized office area. Small, with a mix of pieces, it's perfectly functional. Via Workalicious

If you have a designated office space, remember to insert elements of these three things for a beautiful yet practical office. Think:

1. Personal (photographs, a cherished memento)
2. Colorful (artwork on the walls, colorful files)
3. Functional (storage boxes, filing cabinets)

Here are a few posts to check out on finding inspiration to de-clutter your files, gain control of your cords, and inject a little fun and life into your home office.

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Take your filing cabinet from drab to fab with a little DIY magic using contact paper, wallpaper or paint. From top left clockwise: The DescTop; Design*Sponge; CharmHome; AT:LA

There are some things you really do need a hard copy of, but as much as possible, try to go paperless. It'll save you grief in the long run. In addition to our posts below, I think you'll find this article very informative.

The Paperless Home Office
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Try a One-Day Media Fast:

Everything happens online these days, and I often have a hard time "turning off" at night. I work online all day, then when I come home I often flip open my laptop to relax: I read The New York Times online, I catch up on my favorite blogs, I might do some online shopping, I watch a movie on my computer (since we don't have TV). Unless I consciously give myself a time, say 8:00 pm, that I close my computer and get offline, I might be online until I turn off the light and go to sleep! Not good. After all, the whole goal of the Eight-Week Cure is to reclaim your home and to reduce the pressures and stimulation of the outside world. Even though it's not bad that I'm reading the newspaper online or watching a movie, given the amount of time I spend on my Mac, it'd be wise to try and use my time in the evenings and on weekends to do other things that don't involve my computer, like reading a book, writing, cooking, crafting, writing music, learning a new skill, etc.

This week set aside one day for a Media Fast. Avoid the television and internet surfing. Pay attention to how you feel as the day goes on without all that external stimulation. Perhaps set aside a time every night when you "turn off." You may find it becomes your favorite part of the day.

A cozy home office. Via AT:SF

One-Room Remedy

You may be looking to paint your room, and if so, you're going to be looking at paint samples and making your final choices this week. Here are a few tips to help you find the right brand, color, and finish. And if you feel like you're ready to paint, then check out this post on How To Paint a Room.

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Question of the Day:

In the spirit of Sunday Night 101 on pg. 167, we want to know:
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