The Spring Cure: The Thick Of It

The Spring Cure: The Thick Of It

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 14, 2010

• Cure Clock: 4 weeks remaining
• Assignment: Read Week 5: Getting Into the Thick of It
• Cure Members: 1,360 (signup closed)

How's week five going for everyone? We've all in with both feet and some might feel they're doing swimmingly, while others might feel like they need a life jacket to stay afloat (though we prefer water wings). In the Home Cure Flickr pool we have a mix of both and wanted to throw out a little inspiration for those who need help, highlight questions from those needing to make tough design decisions and point out those spaces that are off the charts! Ready? Full steam ahead!

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This week is all about home offices and choosing color and we wrestled up several examples of both from Cure members that have already pushed ahead. There's witty office storage, someone needing help choosing a front door color and even a question on curtain color, so make sure to check out the links below and see if you can lend a hand to your fellow Cure members!

First Row, Left To Right
ErikaDeer: has been hard at work in the home office! Using a sculptural piece for a ceiling rosette and a vintage pendant, things now have a warm, comforting glow.
kknina: took a big step to removing a little clutter and is sending empty jewel cases to live with her parents to replace broken ones. Burning everything to your computer, or simply using a slimmer method of storage can clear up a great deal of free space.
cathi_o: has started the great shoe purge of 2010. It can feel a little bittersweet to let go of items you've paid hard earned money for, but think about how much closet space you could free up, especially if they only get worn a few times a year!
harlie: is looking for a little help deciding what color to paint the front door. We're personally partial to the green, but what do you think?
LowBrowLawnParty: is keeping up with weekly, fresh flowers and this time they're in the bathroom. Don't forget, flowers can go anywhere in the home, not just on the counter or dining room table!

Second Row, Left To Right
Stubborndev: has new library shelves that make great use of a small corner. What could have felt like a dead space now is full of life and given purpose! Nice job!
allisongryski: has amazing light coming in through those sky high windows, but is feeling that the dining room table is getting a little lost. How would you ground the piece? Overhead lighting? Rugs?
halfhonky: is almost finished freshening the living room and is looking for curtain suggestions? Would you go light, bright or sheer in this space?
kknina: has tackled the never stopping flow of papers that come and go. There's new labels, tabs and folders — we enjoy that they come with a side of humor!
akawhiteknuckles: has the office and craft area in the bedroom and it's currently being taken over by the clean laundry and a little clutter. If you keep anything other than a bed in your bedroom, try taking just 3 minutes a day to tackle clutter. It builds up quick and sneaks in when you're not looking. In other news, we'd like to mention we have 3 baskets of clean laundry waiting to be folded on our bed. There's also the possibility the dog has taken them over as a napping spot, so we should practice what we preach!

Third Row, Left To Right
kimba714: has some serious color in the kitchen and it's infectious! Although we love cool and comforting tones, we love the explosion of personality in a space that's meant to be used, enjoyed and shared with others! Make sure you check out the bright red cabinets too!
All_About_Eve: wins the prize for best find of the week. This vintage Kartell magazine holder is of good size and value. Please note if it's ever sold, we're claiming first dibs. We also still occasionally call shotgun too.
AmandaDT: has started some seeds in cute little newspaper containers. There's nothing better than cooking at home, than cooking food you grew at home!
golightly_vintage: has done some amazing demo and truly transformed their space into an open, mid-century beauty. This is just their entryway (which used to be a wall) but we strongly urge you to go take a look at all the hard work they've put in. It's super inspiring!
KatHordern: took The Spring Cure outside this week and got some serious planting in all around the house. It's always nice to have cool wet dirt in your hands and a clean house when you come back inside, the go together splendidly.

How have you been doing on your own personal Cure? Have you been taking pictures along the way? It's a great way to find the motivation to keep going. Even if the rest of your house is still being purged, organized and sorted, having that one photograph of a clean space makes all the rest of the mess disappear. We promise it helps, so make sure you upload them to Flickr and add them to our Home Cure Flickr pool so we can take a look!

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