The Spring Cure: Throwing A Party!

The Spring Cure: Throwing A Party!

Maxwell Ryan
May 4, 2010

This past Saturday, I pushed a table outside and Sara Kate whipped up a little lunch for us, Ursula and my mother, who was visiting. I love these impromptu meals. They don't need to be too done up! The wine is a great, cheap find, Colosi Sicilia Bianco 2007, and the runner was made by Sara's mother with fabric from Purl.

• Cure Clock: This is the final week!
• Assignment: Read Chapter 8 - Throwing a Party
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Now is the time to work very, very hard, because you will soon be back on your own again. And don't worry if you haven't done as much as you planned, the goal is to work hard and enjoy what you HAVE done. Don't beat yourself up. Share what you've done. Throw yourself a party.

Only a few days left, AND my apologies for getting my posts to you on Tuesday. Monday is a crusher for me, but I'm right here and rooting for all of you. Cambria, Sarah Rae and I have also been watching the conversations in the discussion board and on Flickr and it's totally cool how you all have been talking amongst yourselves. Keep it up and don't wait for us. Check out the three Flickr pools going now:

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The "Off Season" Home Cure Group with 138 Members
The Home Cure with 4,068 photos (this is the one we started)

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Here's our final Cure dinner back in the fall of '07! It was a whole day of shopping, prep, repair, cooking and then partying with a couple of old friends. I documented the whole day, why don't you?

More Thoughts on Week 8

In writing the book, I really wanted there to be at least one calmer week before the end. Weeks seven and eight are therefore both a little lighter and meant to allow you to slow down as you approach the end and catch up if you need to. I also think that it's important to build enjoyment into the process, because otherwise you might not take the time to enjoy what you have done. Part of this feeling of enjoyment is sharing your work with others.

I love this dining room and would love to set this table. (via Emmasblogg)

When I taught school, we were trained, as teachers, to constantly share the childrens' work back with the whole class to complete the learning experience. It is so helpful to see your own work amongst that of others, and so helpful to have the opportunity to stand back and say to oneself, "Look what I have done." Though we are no long little children, we all still benefit from this and don't get it often enough.

Here's a final, final week dinner table from December - a dinner for four. It was a delicious meal, but due to the season, two active toddlers who didn't go to bed early enough and the wine, we all crumpled early.

Your ending party is meant to do just this, so don't skip it. Even if you do a little, impromptu thing and invite one person over to see what you've done, that's great. Even if you are really behind and you can't invite someone over for another two weeks, that's great. Just clean up, cook or drink a little something and show what you've done to someone else and you'll have completed the circle.

Here's another view of the rustic dining room that I like so much. I would also like to decorate this one for a big meal with lots of flowers and branches down the middle.... (via emmasblogg)

Doing this Cure is a big deal. You have made a commitment to yourself and then worked towards your own goal, when you could have done nothing. This is an achievement on so many levels, and it will stay with you, making it easier to do again and again.

Best of luck. You have only six days left.

Here's our post and dinner from 2008 Thanksgiving. Setting this table is an annual tradition for me.

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