The State of the SSD

The State of the SSD

Anthony Nguyen
Mar 29, 2011

As new technologies become more widely adapted, down comes the prices and potential for everyone around you to think you're nerding out. Okay, maybe we're still nerding out. But when we hear solid state drives have already reached 600GB capacities from the short time frame that they've been available, we couldn't help but get a little excited. Here's a quick roundup of the current state of solid state drives, just in case you enjoy nerding out on information hardware as much as we do.

Like we mentioned before, Intel recently updated their SSD range, upping their limit to a whoppin' 600GB capacity of solid state storage space. You also see more than double the write speeds with 270MB/s read speeds. That's not it though - there's plenty of other things SSD drives have been proven to be good at (see below).


  • Launch everything at blazing fast speeds
  • Increased battery life
  • Withstanding babies, hot cars
  • Folks who hate defragging (no defragging is needed)
  • The acoustically sensitive (SSDs make no sound, ever!)


  • The financially unstable (it still costs much more than regular spinning hard drives)
  • Media collectors who need a ton of space (600GB vs. 3TB)
  • Repetitive, constant writing (SSD still have a limited write count)
  • Computers with low RAM (although it does help, it's better to upgrade RAM first, then the SSD)

Either way, the future of solid state drives is bright and we're excited to see them grow larger and get cheaper by the day. Intel's current SSD drives just dropped by $100, so we suggest picking up a 128GB'er for for your laptop if you've been dying for an upgrade. If there's been a time to buy, that time is now!

(Image: Paul Stamatiou)

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