The Strangest Accessories for Your iPhone

The Strangest Accessories for Your iPhone

Mike Tyson
Jul 11, 2011

There are a multitude of iPhone accessories floating around that can not only improve the look and feel of your phone, but also enhance and create new functionality. There are also some accessories, that seem a bit too strange to be true (but they are). Mind you, we're not making any judgement calls on these just in case any of our readers use them but they are certainly... different to say the least.

iMeshi Food Cases
Ever wanted your iPhone to look like two strips of bacon and a fried egg? Or maybe you're dying to look like you're carrying around a plastic hash brown all day long? Well you're in luck. This oddball collection of food-inspired cases will certainly satisfy that craving (sorry, a bit cheesy).

SLR Camera Mount
Ever wanted to unnecessarily quadruple the size and weight of your iPhone? This attachment will allow you to attach any of your Canon/Nikon SLR lenses directly to your phone so you can take pictures with them. Why? We're not entirely sure that the end justifies the means. If anyone has this product or can think of a compelling reason why you'd want to carry around a bunch of lenses to attach to your phone, we'd love to hear about it.

iPhone TV Hat
Finally! If you've wanted to appear like a nerd from the future, look no further than this beige hat with a ridiculously extended brim. This awkward contraption will allow you to watch tv/movies in a more.. private(?) setting than simply holding it in your hands. Again, we're not sure when this would be usable other than when you're camping, alone, in an extremely desolate and wooded area where there is no opportunity for someone to see you wearing this thing.

3D Bling Cases
Nothing screams luxury than Swarovski crystals and pearls plastered to your phone so it looks like something you dropped in a coral reef. We have no idea how you hold/charge/store these bulky cases but.. there you have it. I suppose they're very cute and personalized which is cool if you're looking to make your phone feel unique but honestly if we were to grab our phone in the middle of the night, we'd probably jump back in horror when we felt this bulbous surface.

Umbilical Cord Charger
Finally, the mother of all things weird (and awesome) is the iPhone umbilical charger. It hasn't been designed for production and remains as a one-off concept but it certainly caught our attention (and struck fear into the very depths of our soul). The charger is fully functional but with the added pleasure of organically pulsing and jumping as if there is a powerful jolt of energy surging through the cord and into the iPhone as it sucks up life.

(Images: Flickr member anselor licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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