The Streaming Services Showdown: Hulu Plus vs. Netflix

The Streaming Services Showdown: Hulu Plus vs. Netflix

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 30, 2010

When it comes to streaming media services for our TV shows, there seems to be two big contenders that come to mind: Hulu Plus and Netflix. While both have their own perks and strong points, we'd like to hear which service you guys prefer over the other. We've also included a few things to consider when choosing between the two, after the jump.

Here's a couple things you should consider when selecting the right streaming subscription service for you:

  • Supported Devices: Netflix has had a head start here, but Hulu Plus isn't too far behind. You can take a look at the list of supported devices over at DigitalTrends for an idea of what devices support what. Winner: Netflix
  • Advertising: Hulu Plus has ads while Netflix doesn't. Winner: Netflix
  • Library: Since they have pretty much the same selection to choose from, you'll probably want to consider the fact that Hulu Plus gets their content far in advance compared to Netflix. So, when you're looking at media libraries, you're talking more of time of release rather than selection. However, there are a couple of shows that favor one side or the other in terms of availability. You can see this comparison chart by Hulu vs. Netflix comparison chart by Autistic Disdain to see which service caters to your taste in TV shows more. Winner: Hulu for current TV programs; Netflix overall
  • Streaming Quality: We find Hulu Plus's video quality for 480p content much clearer than Netflix streaming. Maybe it's just us [Note: Netflix adjusts resolution according to speed of connection, so image clarity will vary]. Winner: Hulu

Check out more TV show comparisons over at the Hulu vs. Netflix comparison chart by Autistic Disdain.

For us, it almost feels like the two services are both competing at the time, but aren't. Hulu's name has been more of the free-to-play Internet TV name, backed by major networks and has more funding going towards their streaming platform. Meanwhile, Netflix offers a much broader selection, including both movies and TV shows with no ads, and has over 14 million current subscribers who probably won't be making the switch unless they have a really good reason to.

What do you guys prefer? Hulu Plus? Netflix? What kind of TV shows work better for either service? Do you think Hulu should do away with their ads to justify the $10 monthly subscription fee? Let us know below!

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