The Sunday Plan: Your 20-Minute Bedroom Refresh

published Jul 23, 2017
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You know how it goes: Friends pop over Friday night and you toss the laundry that’s been on the couch waiting for you into laundry baskets, which get deposited in your master bedroom behind closed doors. Somehow weeks pass and those laundry baskets mock you from the foot of your bed while behind them glasses of water that the cats may or may not have dipped their paws into giggle on your nightstand, knowing they’ll be there to see at least a couple more fresh glasses, along with a growing pile of books, join them.

It’s too easy to let you bedroom languish during the week. Here’s a plan for tidying it up in 20 minutes before the weekend’s done so you can enjoy a sanctuary free from cackling anthropomorphic belongings all week.

The Sunday Plan

Launder Your Bedding

Remove sheets and pillowcases and toss them in the washer.

Remove what doesn’t belong

Clear the surfaces of your nightstands and dressers and take out anything you’re storing in your bedroom that doesn’t belong there. Now is not the time to deal with those things; just get them out of the room.


Your bedroom may be the last to get cleaning attention because it’s only you guys who see it. But you deserve a clean bedroom! Now that extraneous items are out of the room, dust from top to bottom and clean any glass or mirrors while you’re at it. Don’t forget to dust bed frames, lamps, and trinkets.

Vacuum floors

Nothing makes a room feel clean quite like a good vacuuming job. Once dusting is done, run a vacuum over the floors and/or carpet. Remember to move the vacuum slowly and in more than one direction to maximize pick-up of dust and debris. Take a break until your bedding is out of the dryer.

Make your bed

Ahhh, freshly laundered sheets. When your bedding is ready, put it back on your bed. Fluff your pillows and as you’re replacing throw pillows, double-check about whether you really need all of them.

Once your bedroom is refreshed, decide you’ll do your part to maintain a state of order and peace in this room throughout the week. Take mugs and water glasses to the kitchen every morning and make your bed every day. Your bedroom will greet you with open arms every night and walking into the room will relax you, as it should.