The Sweet Smell Of Spring: Aromatherapy In The Home

The Sweet Smell Of Spring: Aromatherapy In The Home

Anne Reagan
May 18, 2010

Spring cleaning usually brings to mind the image of a toiling homeowner throwing open the windows to let in a refreshing spring breeze and airing out the stale smell of winter. Try doing that in some cities and you'll quickly shut your window. Let's face it, even a clean and tidy room may need a bit of help in the aroma department.

Your home may be free of clutter or impeccably kept but sometimes a well-organized home may still have a not-so-fresh scent. Room sprays are a fast and easy vehicle for spreading a pleasant fragrance and are usually low-cost. Sure, a person could make their own room spray. But after spending way too much time and money at the local apothecary, mixing essential oil cocktails that resulted in headaches I realized that there are a vast array of beautiful scents made by far more talented people. Many commercial room sprays contain chemicals that not only smell phony but can be irritating to the skin and nasal passages. The benefit of using essential oils is the aromatherapy aspect: the idea that certain plants can actually help a person feel better. For example, lavender is used for a variety of aromatherapy applications but most commonly people use it as a relaxant, so it's a pleasant scent to spray in your bedroom prior to sleeping.

To learn more about essential oils and their profiles (meaning, where they are derived and their characteristics) or to learn more about aromatherapy in the home, check out Aromatherapy Pharmacy, Dean Coleman, and A World Of Aromatherapy.

Here's a small but helpful roundup of some favorite room sprays.

From left to right:

1. Lavender Lemongrass Spray: $6.00 at Soapworks Studio
2. Rosemary Mint Aromatherapy Mist: $7.00 at capricornsoapco
3. Eucalyptus Room Spray: $4.00 at mariescottage
4. Paris Market Room Spray: $12.00 at earthwaysoap
5. Home Spray: $16.00 at The Laundress

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