The Taga Bicycle/Stroller Coming to the USA!

We can’t believe we haven’t seen these before, but now that we have we totally want a baby just to have an excuse to get one! (Kidding, kidding… the price is a little steep for us.) The Dutch-made Taga (we know… shocker) is a carrier bicycle that converts into a stroller. And starting in mid-April, it’ll finally be sold online and through select retailers in the USA and Canada! See a video of how it works below:

More about Taga:

For Taga, no location is impossible, no change a hassle. Whether indoors or out, on the bus, train or elevator, Taga is effortlessly transformed to suit any location to offer seamless mobility. We at Taga simply call it continuity. This is the limitless liberty a parent enjoys all day, leaving home with a single vehicle while enjoying quality time with their child at all times.

Imagine a day-to-day scenario:

You leave your home in the suburbs with your lovely child and your Taga.

You ride together to the train station, convert Taga to a stroller and jump on the train. When reaching the central station, you convert Taga again to a bike and ride to the city park.

On the way, you enter with your Taga into a café to have a drink.

After having fun in the park, you ride to the shopping area, enter the department store with your Taga to buy some candies and gifts for your child’s birthday.

Being tired, your child falls asleep in his seat. No problem – you switch modes again while your child is still sleeping and you ride on your Taga back home.

The Taga will sell in the US for $1,495. See more here.

P.S. If you live in New York, you know we’re going to start seeing these all over Park Slope in the coming months.

(Images: 1, 2, 4: Taga; 3. Shawn and Frank)