The Tech Minimalist Speaks Out: It's Accessory Mania!

The Tech Minimalist Speaks Out: It's Accessory Mania!

Anthony Nguyen
Jun 18, 2010

The hottest gaming convention this year, E3 2010, have begun showcasing a whole new level of interactivity for the home entertainment space. Whether it's 3D, motion controls, or head tracking, there seems to be no stopping the fronts of gaming innovation as it pulls ahead in full force. My main issue? Too many gimmicky console devices that are building a mountain of clutter on my media console table.

With the addition of Kinect, Microsoft's latest immersive tech to join the Xbox 360 line of accessories, you big a gigantic bar that tracks all of your movement.

Sony Playstation's Move (an HD Wiimote, requires a Sony webcam in addition to the brand new controllers that you can purchase. The controller itself also comes with an optional secondary attachment (very much like the Nintendo Nunchuck).

Ideally, you'd want something like ESARI's setup seen above. But realistically, anyone with a home theater will agree it looks more like this:

Either the next generation of home entertainment will all require a purchase of gigantic coffee tables that can house all of these gadgets or we'll continue to be plagued by a continuously out-of-control trend of accessorizing, making it difficult for even the most minimalistic of us to control our living room clutter.

A few possible solutions? How about universal accessories that cross-platform (like computer PC parts)? Or maybe incorporating the tech into the TV bezels themselves (and make the bezels interchangable)? There's plenty of crazy ideas out there, but it seems like many industrial designers and product managers see it as more beneficial to produce more junk than create something conscious for the spaces we actually live in.

Note: This post is solely the opinion of the author. It is presented as humorous observation and does not imply any bias or bigotry. That said, feel free to agree or disagree!

[Images: CNN, Seattle Times, ESARI, modena dude]

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