The Thin End Of The Wedge: Could I Actually Be Starting To Like Orange?

The Thin End Of The Wedge: Could I Actually Be Starting To Like Orange?

Tess Wilson
Oct 11, 2012

I never liked the color orange before, but I really should have seen this coming: I told you about my love of orangey tomato red, my favorite orangey-red poppies, and my deep San Francisco affection for reddish International Orange. I own orangey-red dresses, lipstick, and nail polish, and orangey-pink dresses and sweaters, and still I thought, "Orange: not for me". And then…

I bought a orange dress. I hung this card, with its orange accents, in my kitchen. I also hung a copper/orange print a friend made, and an orange-background poster my dad gave me. I guess it's official: I like… orange?

Let me be clear: I've always thought oranges were beautiful, and I certainly have nothing against orange. It saddens me that when color preferences are discussed there are often two highly-judgemental reactions: 1. I don't like [insert color here] because it's stupid and lame, and 2. The only reason you don't like [insert color here] is because you're stupid and lame. I don't believe in either of those points of views for a second. If you love purple, it's because it feels so good to your eyes — you love looking at it, just like I love looking at grey, though grey might not feel good to your eyes at all. No judgement, no insults, just preferences.

And so, it's fascinating to see those preferences change and evolve. I've displayed my newfound orange treasures a bit sheepishly, like, "Okay, okay! I get it now. Don't make a big deal out of it — let's just look at the pretty picture." Have you grown to like or even love a color that never did it for you? Are you still hesitant about using that color, or did you dive straight in?

(Image: Ashley Poskin/Aaron & Wendy's Mid Century in Mayfair)

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