'The Third Rock' Fire Pit

'The Third Rock' Fire Pit

Alysha Findley
Apr 12, 2012

So I just stumbled across this unique fire pit that is shaped liked the earth with cut outs of the continents where the flames come out, and it got me thinking...

My initial reaction was, "wow it looks like watching the earth in flames from above, it kind of freaks me out." I showed a few people and got varied responses that started some really interesting conversations which made me re-think my position. It is definitely not your ordinary, run of the mill fire pit. It's more like a functional sculpture piece. One that wouldn't just go unnoticed but would start people talking about much more than the fire pit itself. It also made me think of one of the statements that I have always carried around since I first heard it in art school, "Great art creates great emotion; it gets you thinking or talking and transcends the work into a dialogue. Something that makes you apathetic just disappears." I kind of see this fire pit like that — it doesn't provoke talk about the pit itself, but it gives an opportunity for people to discuss what it represents and how it affects them.

I still don't think I would put it in my backyard, but I do like that it exists and has made me think a bit this morning. What are your thoughts?

If you're in love and must have one for yourself, this fire pit can be had for $1,499 (on sale!) at Outdoor Living.

(Image: Outdoor Living)

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