The Toothpaste Bowl: Day 5

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dept. of Online Gambling. Do you ever wonder how long your toothpaste tubes really last? They seem to last forever, and then suddenly they’re out….except that you keep forgetting to buy a new tube and start “the final squeezes,” which seem to – miraculously – extend the life of the common tube for days and days. But how long is it?

In an effort to really pin down the lifespan of a typical tube, we are inviting all readers to place bets on how many days this 4.3 oz tube will last with regular use (two people, two brushes a day).

Okay, above is DAY 5 and significant crimping is only starting to show. We promise to photograph our tube EACH morning (no matter where we are) and our personal bet is that it will last 33 days (Hey, that’s 132 brushes and only 2 cents a brush). MGR