The Transient Desk: Workstation Adjoining Home Theater

The Transient Desk: Workstation Adjoining Home Theater

Range Govindan
Nov 11, 2010

When you have less space available, it's always a challenge to put together a functional home office. It's even harder to setup a good home theater with limited space. That's what Rhiannon did. We featured Rhiannon's setup before, but she made some updates since last we saw it.

Rhiannon is a self-confessed geek and writer from Perth, Australia, and she's been documenting her home office since 2007 when she got her iMac. What sets her workstation apart from others that we've seen is that it's right next to her home theater system, which features an HDTV and an Xbox 360.

She uses the IKEA Fredrik Workstation as her desk. It's got some integrated shelving, which allows her to display her limited edition figurines. Her HDTV is on a small shelf, that allows her to store her Xbox 360, games, and accessories. The whole setup is pretty compact, which is why we really like it. This would work well in smaller places, where space is an issue, or as a secondary workstation. This setup also allows her to connect her iMac to the HDTV, when she wants to view something. It's an efficient way of setting up a room.

-iPad 16GB WiFi
-Audioengine 2 (A2) speakers
-iMac 24", 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM
-IKEA Fredrik Workstation
-Audio-Technica AD700 headphones

All in all, it's a sweet setup that's enabled her to use all of her tech comfortably, without looking too cramped. If a sofa or some seating would be located right behind her workstation and entertainment center, it would be perfectly placed when she starts gaming or watching some movies.

The setup that's pictured above has changed recently, as she sold her iMac and is using a MacBook while she waits to see if Apple will update their MacBook Pros this year. She mentions that her needs have changed, which is why she got rid of the iMac. She mentions that she needs to share one screen among three devices, a PC, a Mac, and her Xbox.

[all photos by Rhiannon Floyd, via CC License]

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