The Trinket Drawer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When one hoards things, the desire is to free them of their pack-rat chains. But what of the person who collects beautiful things? What about the person who loves and uses every last trinket? We fall into this category- we have Danish candle sticks, ashtrays and objet d’art inherited from our parents; whimsical kitsch items that connect us to our hipper past; ornate English porcelain for when we want a more upper-crusty lifestyle; and more Framed pictures than we have surfaces to display them on.

Now, it’s not the trinket’s fault that we don’t have the space. Nor can we throw out entire collections simply because we are going through a minimalist mood or because it’s Spring Cleaning Month.

That’s why we recommend a trinket drawer (or cabinet). This is definitely not a junk drawer, but a place to neatly store items that don’t fit with our current décor. When we get bored, we don’t repaint a room, we re-merchandize it.