The Truth About Cats and Dogs (As Far As Helpful Tips Go)

The Truth About Cats and Dogs (As Far As Helpful Tips Go)

Cambria Bold
Jul 20, 2011

What would your life be like without your little furry friend(s)? Well, chances are your sofa would have a few less scratches in it, your rugs would be a little less stained, and your bed wouldn't be quite so hairy. Oh, but your life, your life! It would undoubtedly be infinitely sadder and ever-so-lonelier. That's why we love our pets, despite the extra challenges they sometimes pose. From cleaning conundrums to purrfect pet toys, here are 30 of our best tips, tricks, and guidelines for healthy, eco-friendly living with pets.

Pet Problems & Solutions

Hot Tip: Save Your Furniture and Deter Cats with Foil
How To Keep Pets Cool in the Heat
10 Helpful Tips To Keep Pets Comfy and Safe While Traveling
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10 Eco-Friendly Pet Ideas
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Cleaning Up After Your Pets
Stink Stopper: How To Clean Up Cat Urine
True Confession: How I Saved My Carpet from Cat Urine
A DIY Green Solution to Cover Cat Scratches on Furniture
How To Green Your Dog's Waste
The Best Way To Remove Lint and Pet Hair: A Dish Glove!
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Review: Fresh Wave Pet Shampoo
3 Items To Help You Green Clean Your Pets

Eco-Friendly Equipment, Products, and Toys for Pets

Pet Lounging: Bambu Pet Hammock
Planet Dog Woodchuck: Perfect For Dog Parks Everywhere!
6 Plants Your Cats Will Love
Flush Doggy: Biodegradable and Flushable Doggy Bags
A Dog House Heated and Cooled Using Geothermal Energy
Cardboard Cat Toys Filled with Cat Nip
10 Non-Toxic House Plants To Keep Your Pets Safe
Common House Plants That Are Toxic To Pets
Pet Beds Made from Reclaimed Materials
10 Green Gifts for Dogs and Cats
Eco-Friendly Pet Accessories: Oré
9 Fabulous Handmade or DIY Pet Beds

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