The Types of Friends You Should Bring Shopping

published Nov 23, 2015
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Admittedly, most of the time I prefer to shop alone. But I do recognize that there are huge perks to bringing a friend along for the ride. And who you bring on a shopping trip really depends on what you’re looking for.

The Style Maven

This is the friend whose home and wardrobe are always put together, because she just has a gift for great style. If you’re lucky, she’s also got a great grip on your taste, too. Great for: When you’re shopping leisurely for something new.

The Decisive One

She’s brutally honest and won’t ever hesitate to give you a firm “No” when you both know you need it. On the other hand, this friend will also make sure you don’t let a great find pass you by: “Yes. It’s exactly what you said you needed. Put it in the cart.” Great for: When you’re looking for one specific thing, like a black blazer or a bar cart.

The Frugal Friend

This friend is the one that stops you from making dumb purchases. And extravagant purchases. And just generally puts the brakes on, exactly when you need them. She’s also a whiz with remembering who’s having sales and is guaranteed to have a coupon code for every store in her inbox. Great for: When you’re on a strict budget.

The DIY’er

She’ll be the one to chime in, “Maybe we can make this?,” then come up with the perfect plan to craft a sun burst mirror from chopsticks and gold spray paint. Great for: Shopping trips to the really fancy stores.

And finally…


Really. While it’s helpful when friends have your back to weigh in on style trends and make tough decisions, you’re the one who’s going to end up wearing the dress or sitting on the sofa every day. Getting to truly know yourself and your personal style is the utmost importance to finding and buying pieces you really love.